Lush Celebrates Parents | Mother’s Day

Hello my Bunnies,

I want to start by apologizing for my absence this week. I’ve organised myself very poorly and got behind on the blog.

But this means that you will get posts two days in a row. See you tomorrow !

I finally managed to get my hands on some of the products of Lush’s latest collection to celebrate Mother’s Day.

I know that Mother’s Day doesn’t fall on the same day depending on the country, but here in Switzerland, it’s next sunday (may 8th).

If you’re ever around here, you’ll know that my love for Lush is gigantic and almost unconditional.

Their ethic, their creativity and the quality of their products have long convinced me.

Lush brings out a new collection for every event throughout the year and Mother’s Day 2016 was no exception. So let’s see what they have in stock, shall we ?!

Flowering Tea* reusable bubble bar – 14.50CHF

We’ve seen the magic wand and the bunch of carrots, but here is the tea bag for your bath.

I absolutely love the idea ! As tea and bath are both rituals meant to help you unwind and relax, it only made sense to combine the two.

Flowering tea, it’s the scent of sandalwood and orange blossom, to dive into a bath full of bubbles and decorated with floating blue petals.

I’ve tried enough bubble bars from Lush to know that they don’t disappoint and I’m confident enough to recommend it even though I haven’t yet tried it. #craycray

For what kind of mum ? For the mum who’s a little more grown up, who doesn’t necessarily want a sparkly pink bath, who likes soft flowery scents and poetic petals floating amongst heaps of bubbles. And for all the other mums too ..!

Ladybird* bubble bar – 9.30CHF

A bubble bar in the shape of a ladybird to use once for a gigantic amount of bubble or to cut in half for a more reasonable bath.

Ladybird has a fruity, flowery scent with just a hint of mint to revitalise the body and the spirit.

It reminds me a little bit of the blackcurrant sweets I used to get as a kid when I had a sore throat, but the geranium completes it and the result is really nice, a little sweeter than Flowering tea.

Once more, I’m confident enough in my past experiences to recommend this bubble bar without trying it (though I will try it eventually and you’ll see it pop up on the blog sooner or later), as long as you like the scent.

For what kind of mum ? For the mum who’s still a child at heart and will enjoy a ladybird shaped bubble bar with a slightly sweet, but not sickly at all, scent. And for all the other mums too, why not ?!

Rose Bombshell* bath bomb – 9.30CHF

Mhmmmm the scent of roses. Here the rose isn’t alone, but is paired with geranium and lemon in order to create a scent that is based on rose but not sickening or overpowering.

Spoiler altert: Rose Bombshell is the key to a pink, rose scented princess bath. The colour is a deep pink and there are yellow rose petals floating on the water.

For what kind of mum ? For the mum who like roses and pink, who’d enjoy an explosion of scent and colour in her bathtub. And for all the other mums too (provided they like the scent of roses …) !

Sunrise* solid soap – 9.50CHF/100g

Sunrise … It’s a soap as dazzling as the sun. The picture doesn’t do it justice. Trust me ! In real life it’s hard to look it straight in the eyes.

The scent is reminiscent of the colour, it’s an explosion of light and energy with notes of tangerine and mandarin.

Solid soaps aren’t really something that we use a lot of nowadays but I must admit that I really enjoy having one like that to wash my hand rather than a stupid supermarket soap.

What’s more, Sunrise is said to have moisturising properties as it contains murumuru butter and silken tofu.

Also, with the current legislation regarding liquids in airplanes, maybe we’d be better off travelling with solid soap, just so that we could take another pot of sunscreen on our beachy holiday.

For what kind of mum ? For the mum who will appreciate a ray of sunshine in her bathroom when she has to wake up too early to see the sun or for grey days. And for all the other mums … too !!

I wish to add that there are a few other products in the Mother’s Day line, such as a purple shower cream (Yummy Mummy which I really want to try !) as well as gift boxes and Furoshikis to wrap any gift you’d like to make.

You’ll find the whole collection in stores and online (here).

I hope that this post has been useful if you’re still searching for ideas. I’ve had a gift since january, but I would gift my mum the ladybird or the soap as I’m sure that she would love them !

What are you going to / what did you give your mum ?


*products sent by the brand