Luscious Looking Hair with Redken, label.m &

Hello my Bunnies,

A few months ago, I received two hair products from to put them to the test.

When strolling around the website I was quite pleasantly surprised to see that they stocked a big variety of brands, some of which I’d never seen available in Switzerland before.

I therefore picked a Redken product as I already love their protein treatment (I talked about it here) and a product from label.m because I was curious to see what the brand was like.

Well I must say that I was lucky enough to pick two products that have proven a useful addition to my haircare routine. Let’s have a closer look at them, shall we ?

label.m Frizz Control Serum*

This serum is, as the name would suggest, supposed to help fight frizzy hair, give a glossy finish and improve the appearance of split ends.

Personally I use it on top of my head to control the fly-aways that I get when I’ve just washed my hair.

It’s a product that has to be used very carefully as the limit between glossy finish and greasy finish is a really thin one.

The good thing about this product is that it is very liquidy and thus much easier to apply evenly and lightly over the hair.

Usually, I use about 1/2 pump that I rub between my hands and then smooth away any frizz with my hands.

If you manage to use the right amount of product, the result is really nice. The fly-aways are smoothed and the hair doesn’t feel cardboard-like as it does when you use hair spray or hair gel.

I’d therefore say that it’s a really efficient product but that it takes a little getting used to, in order to apply the right amount.

Redken all-soft argan-6 oil*

This treatment is a multi-care oil for dry/brittle hair. I wouldn’t say that my hair is brittle but my ends have definitely seen better days.

There’s nothing particularly unusual about this product actually. It looks and feel like quite a lot of leave-in conditioners and hair oils, liquidy, transparent and lightly fragranced.

However, what I really like about it is that it isn’t too difficult to use. Indeed, I often find that hair oils (like Moroccan oil for instance) easily give a greasy finish to the hair, especially when you use them on dry hair, which isn’t the case with this hair oil.

Obviously, you can’t slather 5 pumps in your hair and expect it not to look greasy (unless you have a lot of hair) but if you use it normally you can definitely get a really nice result even when using it on wet hair.

Just like the other product, if you don’t use too much, the results are good. I’ve been convinced from the first use and I completely gave up on my Morocan Oil. I find this one just as good (if not better) at giving my dry ends a boost and it doesn’t make them look greasy.

It’s impossible to mend broken hair but this product definitely helps to smooth everything out and it really makes my ends look a lot better.

All in all, I’m really happy with these two discoveries that help me get a silky soft and luscious looking mane.

I didn’t know the website before and I’m glad to have found a new place to shop, particularly as they stock slightly harder to find brands.

The only downside with this website is that you won’t necessarily find every product from every brand. Indeed, they stock some of the products until they run out and you never really know what’ll come back in stock. For instance, I got these two products back in December and you can’t find them on the website at the moment.

However, there are other nice things to be found, be it from Redken or label.m and they also stock brands like Morocan Oil and Macadamia.

I’d say that it’s a website where you don’t necessarily go to find something specific but rather to find something interesting or unique that you hadn’t thought of.

Do you know these brands or the website ?


*products given by the seller