Wearable Greys | Monday Shadow Challenge x Charcoal Grey

Hello my Bunnies,

I’m back today for my second take on the Monday Shadow Challenge (if you don’t know what I’m on about, read a little introduction right >here<) and this time we had to work with charcoal grey.

I found it surprisingly difficult to work with that shade of grey is it becomes very dark very easily and I find it quite hard to wear.

I then thought of pairing it with another shade but the risk was to see the other shade take all the spotlight so I chose not to go down that path.

I also found it a lot harder to come up with something original when working with a shade that is a lot more common (compared to the forest green we used last week) and I ended up creating a look that is quite daytime appropriate but not particularly creative.

As I didn’t really know where to start, I started by getting every single grey shadow I had out of my drawers and when faced with all the shades of grey that I owned, I decided to go with a little Dior palette that I got as a gift a long time ago and that I barely ever used.

I sadly don’t have the reference for this palette as there’s absolutely no writing on the packaging, but I’m guessing that it was part of the christmas collection some years ago.

It contains three shades of grey, 2 shimmery and one matte, (upper left corner), as well as a shimmery pinkish white (though it looks white on the picture it really is a bit pink)

As these shadows are quite powdery (but very pigmented and super easy to work with) I chose to start by doing my eyes and then moved on to my base.

Here’s the step by step :

1. I started by applying the lightest shade from the palette in the inner corner all the way to the middle of the lid.

2. I applied the lightest grey shade on the middle of the lid going slightly over the whitish shade and slightly towards the outer corner to hide the edges.

3. I applied the second grey shade in the outer corner, going a little over the previous shade in order to create a gradation.

4. I finally applied the charcoal grey shade from the palette in the outer corner, creating a little wing and going very lightly in the crease, as well as along the outer half of the lower lash line.

5. With my Sigma gel eyeliner I created a very small wing and took it along the first half of the upper lash line.

6. I applied the Rimmel kohl kajal in the shade nude along the waterline.

7. For mascara I used the Bourjois Volume Glamour Max Holidays mascara that I really love because it really curls my lashes.

8. Finally, for my brows, I used MAC omega to fill them in and vanilla to highlight under the brow bone.

For the face I didn’t go all out or anything as I wanted the look to be more daytime appropriate.

I started by applying my Holika Holika Petit BB Clearing (bought on eBeauty and Care) that has wicked coverage for a BB cream but a slightly odd shade that’s just a hint too dark for me.

For concealer I used the one from H&M that’s really quite nice but that tends to settle in the fine lines under the eyes unfortunately.

On my cheeks, I applied Clinique blush pop in the shade plum pop, Estée Lauder bronze goddess highlighter (from the summer 2015 collection) and The Body Shop honey bronzer to give a bit of life to my face.

For lipstick I used the Revlon colorstay moisture stain in LA Exclusive (reviewed >here<)

I must say I found this challenge much harder than the previous one but I’m really glad I did it because it allowed me to rediscover a little palette that I had forgotten all about !

I hope you like it and I can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with !

I’m also really excited to find out what next week’s shade is going to be …

What do you think of dark grey eyeshadow ?