Lush Diary #21 | Bunch of Carrots | Easter Collection

Hello my Bunnies,

As promised in my last post, I’m here today for another edition of the Lush Diary.

In this new edition, we’re going to talk about the reusable bubble bar from the Easter collection called Bunch of Carrots.

As I was telling you in yesterday’s post where I was presenting the Lush Easter collection >here<, this cute little bunch of carrots really caught my eye.

I find the colours perfect to celebrate spring and the design is really cute !

Other than that, as you may know, when it comes to bubble bars, reviews can be done quite quickly, as there aren’t that many things to evaluate.

Does it create a sufficient amount of bubble in the bath ? YES !

Does it smells nice ? Yes it does. This one smells a bit citrussy but at the same time it’s richer and sweeter so you won’t necessarily hate it if you don’t like citrussy scent. (exotic, lemon and bergamot, says Lush on the website)

Does it give a nice colour to the water ? Like I’ve said about other bubble bars, it doesn’t really matter as you don’t see the water under all the bubbles. But this one turns the water into a deep orange, slightly  milky colour (i.e. the water isn’t entirely clear.)
either that or I was very very dirty ^^

All in all, it’s not my favourite reusable bubble bar of all time (I like Magic Wand better for instance) not because of the quality, but mainly for purely personal and subjective reasons, as I just like other scents better.

The scent of this bubble bar is however very appropriate for spring, as are the colours and the design and I would heartily recommend it to anyone who like that scent.

What do you think about it ? Will you get something from this Easter collection ?