Empties Worth Mentioning #6

Hello my Bunnies,

I’m back today with another batch of empty products to share with you !

As you can see, I’m working pretty hard at finishing up some stuff (thus trying to justify all the new purchases) and we’ll be able to talk hair, body, hand and skin care as well as makeup !

Let’s get to it ..!

Colab Sheer Invisible Dry Shampoo – Rio & London

If you’re not sick of hearing me talk about these you will be very soon. To me, the Colab dry shampoos are much better than the Batiste ones, as they’re just as efficient and affordable but smell a lot better.
I buy the big bottle to keep at home and the small ones in packs of 5 to take with me on holidays (find them >here<)
NB: there’s also an “extreme volume” version that isn’t very good to use as dry shampoo but really nice to use as a volumising spray (my mum and her fine hair love it !)
Will I repurchase it ? Absolutely !

Edit : There are three ranges within the Colab brand : 1. Sheer Invisible (extraordinaire dry shampoo if you ask me) 2. Volume Extreme (not great as a dry shampoo but really good for adding volume) 3. Luxe Shine (shine spray that I haven’t tried yet) for the Sheer Invisible and Volume Extreme range, there are 6 different colours/names for each but the only difference between each colour is the scent.
This link might also be useful >click here<

A.N.J.I Remineralex – Remineralizing Shampoo

I first talked to you about this shampoo a year ago (>here<) and I must admit that my opinion’s changed quite a bit in the meantime.
First off, the fact that it doesn’t really lather up bugs me a lot more than I expected and if at first I really liked how clean it made my hair feel, towards the end I merely felt like it was giving my hair a weird texture and it wasn’t very comfortable to run my hand through my hair after I’d used it.
I’m very bummed by the fact that I didn’t get along with this shampoo as I really admire what the brand is doing that particular product just didn’t work for me.
Will I repurchase it ? No. I was using it to more intensely clean my hair once a week and I much prefer my Bumble&Bumble Sunday shampoo to do that.

Ahava Mineral Hand Cream

This is hand down the best hand cream I’ve ever used and the one that I want to repurchase the most ! Not only does it smell incredible and penetrates really quickly into the skin, it also is really efficient at taking care of your hands.
I also feel like it’s one of those products that work on the long run, because the more I used it, the less I felt the need to use it.
Will I repurchase it ? I’m not sure because the brand’s ethic has been questioned and though I’m not sure of exactly what’s happening I know that the brand isn’t sold in the UK at all anymore. I need to do some more research…

L’Occitane Shea and Pivoine Rose Hand Cream

The Pivoine Rose hand cream is a light hand cream that is very comfortable to use but not particularly efficient in terms of hydration. It’s ok when you need a little bit of moisture but it won’t be for you if you have really dry hands.
The shea butter one on the other hand was very nourishing and I liked to use it before bed. It was really good but I really didn’t like the scent.
Will I repurchase it ? No. Both were really nice to use but they were not amazing so I’d much rather try something new instead.

Lush Aromaco Deodorant

I first talked to you about this deodorant not long after I discovered it (>here<) and I was very much in love with it. But then I went on holiday to London and it failed me. Pretty badly.
I don’t understand why because it worked amazingly for over a month …
But there’s also another problem unfortunately … I’d need to find a better way to store it because mine dried completely and I can’t use it at all anymore.
It might also be important to point out that it contains bicarbonate soda which didn’t do anything to me but that can cause redness to people with sensitive skin.
Will I repurchase it ? I’m really hesitant … it was so good to start off with but ended so badly … I really don’t know what to do.

L’Occitane Amande Shower Oil

I recently talked about my shower oils (>here<) and out of the three that I tried, this one definitely had the best scent !
I fell in love with shower oils recently as I find them much more comfortable on the skin than shower gels and this one is no exception.
I suggest you go and have a look at my more detailed review which I linked just above =)
Will I repurchase it ? I will repurchase shower oils, that’s for sure. I just don’t know which one yet. But this one smells so good that I might just give in again.

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel

This is one of the best foaming cleansers I’ve used, probably ever ! It’s very efficient and gentle at the same time (as opposed to the deep cleansing foaming cream which can feel a bit stripping but that I also love to use)
I also really like that it’s from a brand that I trust, as I know that I can use it whenever my skin is acting up and that it’ll really help.
Will I repurchase it ? At the moment I have at least 5 other cleansers to use up but it’s a the top of my cleanser list so when I’ll be in a position where I need to buy a cleanser, it’ll be this one.

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo+

This must be the 6th one I’m using up and … I’m so sick of it !
Don’t get me wrong, I still absolutely love it and would recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a daily, light treatment for their blemish prone skin. It works great under makeup, feels really nice on the skin and I’m convinced that it helps with breakouts but I just want to discover something new.
Will I repurchase it ? Not right now. I’m now using the Kiehl’s Blemish Control daily skin clearing clearing treatment, which looks promising but is sadly a lot more expensive.

Tony Moly Tea Tree Mask Sheet

I’ve recently used this mask when my skin was acting up and I was having big painful spots right under the skin.
It’s one of the most comfortable sheet mask I’ve used as the fabric is really soft and it fitted my face very nicely. I also feel like it really helped to calm everything down.
Will I repurchase it ? Most certainly when I place my next order on >eBeautyandCare<

Alpha H Liquid Gold

This is … HOLY GRAIL ! I can’t live without it anymore !
I promise I tried. When I finished the bottle I tried to wait before reordering it but I only lasted about a week.
This product is highly concentrated in AHA which is a chemical exfoliant, that’s going to help your skin get rid off dead skin cells, and thus help cell renewal.
When I use it, breakouts and scars go away much quicker and my skin feels a lot softer !
I order it on >Beautybay< and it costs me about CHF40.- I know it’s a lot but the bottle lasts me about a year and for that kind of result, I’m happy to pay the price.
Will I repurchase it ? I already have a new bottle on my sink and I also bought >this offer< on Cultbeauty because I’m weak and I know that I’ll be using it for years to come.

Revlon Colorstay Foundation Combination/Oily Skin

I used to like that foundation a lot but my habits have changed and I now enjoy foundations that are a bit lighter and I find that this one is a bit too thick and not quite natural enough.
It is however a great foundation if you’re looking for a medium to full coverage at an affordable price.
There is a little product left in the bottle but it’s too old to use I think.
Will I repurchase it ? Probably not. Like I said, I like my foundations a bit lighter in coverage at the moment.

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

This was my first makeup sponge and I absolutely loved it when I first discovered it, and have ever since. I made a post about it way back when that you can find >here< and I’d recommend it. I’m a bit sad to throw it away but it’s clearly seen better days.
Will I repurchase it ? I’m not sure. I loved it so much partly because it was my first encounter with makeup sponges but now that I’ve tried the Beautyblender I think that the latter is even better so I might not want to take a step back quality wise. However it is a lot cheaper than the Beautyblender and really good.

Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara

As you may have seen in my tutorials I never wear anything on my lower lash line or on my lashes, but if I did I’d use this mascara.
It has a teeny tiny wand that allows you to get every single lash and it doesn’t smudge at all.
Will I repurchase it ? I won’t as it’s not something that I use, but if you want something other than you usual mascara to do your lower lashes I’d recommend checking this out.

Maybelline Lash Sensational

I’ve talked about this mascara >here< in much more details so I suggest you check out that post but to sum it all up :
It’s one of my favourite mascaras of all time : length, volume, definition and extreme longevity without it being waterproof.
Will I repurchase it ? Absolutely ! I still have about 14 mascaras to go through but next time I can justify a mascara purchase it’ll be this one.

YSL Rouge Pure Couture Lip Lacquer (01) & L’Oréal Shine Caresse (Juliet)

I put these two together because I’m pretty sure that they’re the same thing and I have the same problem with both. I’ve kept them in my collection for ages but now it’s time to get rid off them because I just can’t make them work.
They’re a nightmare to apply and no matter how long I try and make it work, it just ends up uneven. There’s a picture >here< that makes it pretty obvious.
However, it might have something to do with the shades I have as the two other Shine Caresse that I own are really good.
Will I repurchase it ? Well no …!

So that’s it for this batch ..!

I hope you found it useful =)


  • Such a great in-depth post about all these products! I totally agree about the lash sensational mascara, it's such an amazing mascara that i'll definitely be repurchasing time and time again. Love these kinda posts, can always trust a bloggers opinion once they've used up an entire product 🙂 Holly x

  • Thank you ..!
    I'll soon have the next batch coming up 😉