Challenge : Doing Another Blogger’s Makeup | Réglisse & Myrtilles

Hello my Bunnies,

Today we have a guest on the blog, may I present you, Roberta from >Réglisse & Myrtilles<

We spent two days together this week and decided to prepare a little something-something for you.

As the title may suggest, we did each other’s makeup and want to tell you what we did and how it went.

We had a lunch planned and therefore wanted a quite casual makeup look, appropriate for day time.

But enough about it already, let’s see what I came up with.

As Roberta was staying over at my place, I picked the products amongst the ones she had taken with her in her gigantic makeup bag. That’s when I stumbled upon a lipstick and decided to make my whole look around it.

As the lipstick is fairly bold I decided to keep everything else rather neutral.

I started by priming her face with the Astor Skin Match Protect Primer that you really shouldn’t try to apply with a BeautyBlender as the product will get completely sucked into the sponge #learnfrommymistakes

So I used my fingers instead to apply it.

For foundation I used the Avril Fond de teint Bio that I applied with the BeautyBlender.

For concealer, I used the H&M cover-up concealer in the shade vanilla that we had bought together just the previous day.

It was easy to apply but I’d suggest powdering it quite heavily as I saw that it tends to move around quite easily and quickly.

To powder the under eye and the whole face, I used the The Balm Sexy Mama anti-shine translucent powder.

For the eyes, I could choose between two The Balm palettes : The Balm Jovi palette and the Balm Voyage Vol. II palette.

I was looking for a slightly colourful shade that would work well with the lipstick I had chosen and I found that the Blink 1982 shadow in the Balm Jovi palette would do the trick.

I ended up using 4 shades in this palette : Iron Maid-in, Allegro, Moderato and Presto.

My goal was to add a bit of definition in the crease and outer corner and to illuminate the inner corner, as well as adding a pop of “colour” on the centre of the lid.

Here’s how it went :

1. I highlighted the inner corner by applying the Iron Maid-in shade

2. I added definition to the crease and outer corner by using Allegro

*this shade ended up being a lot warmer than I would have liked and Roberta told me that The Balm shadows tend to look different on the lid than they do in the pan. Good to know ..!

3. I intensified the definition in the outer corner with the shade Moderato (and I also hoped that this cooler shade would help bring the look back on tracks as I found Allegro to be a tad to warm)

4. I added the pop of colour by popping Blink 1982 right on the centre of the lid, as opaquely as possible

5. I blended any sharp edges

6. We tried to do her brows with Allegro, as it would have been nice to be able to do everything with just one palette, but it turned out to be much too light and too warm for her brows. However as she almost has perfect brows we just decided to leave them as they were.

If I may say something about those shadows, I’d say that I find them to be a bit powdery and not quite as pigmented as I would like them to be.

They’re not the easiest shadows to work with, and I really struggled to make the shade Blink 1982 stand out. In real life it was a bit more visible but on the pictures it almost look as if I haven’t used it.

*but I must admit that I forgot to apply an eyeshadow base which may have helped. Whoops 

She then applied her mascara herself as it’s really hard to apply mascara on someone else, especially if you want quite an intense result.

She started by using the Essence I love Extreme mascara which she found a bit clumpy so she switched to the Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen Feline Blacks mascara in order to give her lashes more definition.

I didn’t want to go all out on the cheeks, for the same reasons why I wanted to keep the eyes fairly neutral, but also because she was already looking really nice so I just added a touch of the Catrice Sunrose Avenue blusher.

I picked this shade as it was fairly neutral and very daytime appropriate, but still allowed to give the cheeks a little pick-me-up.

And now for the star of the show ..! The lipstick I’ve been going on and on about, it’s a liquid lipstick from a brand called Cailyn. It’s the Star Wave Glitter Tint in the shade Gemini.

It’s a gorgeous purple-y shade with golden glitter.

It’s a shade that would absolutely terrify me if I had to wear it but Roberta looks absolutely stunning with it !

Now all I have left to do is to suggest that you go and have a look at her post where she will explain into details how she did my makeup.

You can find her post >here<

I hope you’re having a nice Sunday, or whatever day it is you’re reading this, wherever you are.

I’ll see you tomorrow, on a Monday, for my first try at the Monday Shadow Challenge.


  • This looks like you had so much fun 🙂 The look turned out great, I'm sure she was happy with it!

    xx Cheryl
    Cheryl | SwissBeautyTalk

  • We did =) I guess she was, except for the part where I forgot to prime her eyes and that meant that it didn't last very well =/