Aesop Face Masks, Are They Worth The Hype ?


Hello my Bunnies,

Today I want to talk to you about two face masks that I bought during my trip in Paris this autumn.

I had heard a lot about the Parsley Seed masque, on diverse blogs and youtube channels and I’d been wanting to try it for forever.

I also read >this post< on Sumgnificent’s blog not long before my trip, which convinced me that I should also try the anti-blemis chamomile masque.


A brief introduction before I talk to you about these two masques to talk about the packaging and my experience in the Aesop shop.

This simple black and white packaging really attracts me and makes me want to trust the brand (good job, marketing team) It also makes me want to put the products on my dresser for everyone to see as they look so nice.

But I have to admit that I’m not the biggest fan of pots for hygiene reasons and that the metallic tube is not the most travel-friendly packaging.

But to use at home the tube works just fine and I often use a little spatula to scoop the product out of the top.

I bought both masques in one of the parisian Aesop stores just below the Sacré-Coeur.

The vibe within the shop was really calm and pleasant and the sales rep was very helpful and friendly.

I also really like the fabric bag that they gave me for the products and I still use it as a pouch to put more delicate things, especially when I travel. What’s more is that they gave me a handful of samples to help me discover the brand.

In Switzerland you can find Aesop in some of the biggest Globus stores as well as in the few stand-alone Aesop shops (in Bern, Geneva and Zurich if I’m not mistaken)


Parsley Seed Cleansing Masque

You’ve probably heard a lot about this mask already as it’s a Holy Grail product for a lot of bloggers and youtubers.

The products feels very refreshing on the skin and the plant scent is very pleasant. The masques dries fairly quickly but doesn’t feel too uncomfortable on the skin like a lot of clay masques do.

It ins’t a pain to remove either. I just take my hands and a bit of lukewarm water and it comes right off as I massage it.

Once I’ve removed it my skin feels very soft and and clean but it doesn’t feel tight or like it’s been stripped by the masque at all.

I’d say that it’s simply a very great cleansing masque that would be suitable for any skin type as it’s extremely gentle.


I must admit that I was expecting something more. I’m not sure what exactly but I was just expecting something more. Given the price (about CHF40.- for 60ml) and the hype going on, I really expected this masque to do miracles and to be able to see a spectacular difference on my skin.


Chamomille Concentrate Anti-Blemish Masque

Like I said before, I bought this masque because Smugnificent talked about it on her blog but also because she recommended it to me when I first met her.

I must say that I’m really very happy with my purchase !

This masques doesn’t apply on the skin quite as easily as the other one but at the product warms up on the skin it becomes more and more easy to apply it.

Just like the Parsley Seed masque, this masques smells of plants and dries very quickly.

However, rather than using like a traditional face masque, I use it as the sales rep suggested me to, as a local treatment on any blemishes I have.

What I do is I apply it on any blemish, at night, after my skincare routine and leave it on all night, before rinsing it off in the morning.

I really like this technique because it means that the masque can really act on my skin and it also allows me to give my skin what it needs, where it needs it the most. Typically, I get blemishes on my jaw line and around my eyebrows but hardly any on my cheeks.

But the best things is that this masques really works !

Indeed, I often have big blemishes that stay under my skin, that are quite red and angry and really hurt. But after a night wearing this masque, the situation is greatly improved. They haven’t disappeared but they’re clearly less red, angry and don’t hurt nearly as much as they did the night before.

What’s more is that with this technique, I use a lot less product than if I were to smear it across my entire face. Which is a good thing considering that at about CHF50.- for 60ml, this masque is a bit more of an investment than my other face masques.

However, seeing the result, I’d strongly recommend this masque to anyone suffering from big, angry, red blemishes. It won’t make them disappear overnight but it will greatly help making them go away quicker.


All in all, I must admit that I was expecting a bout more from the parsley seed masque, but I’m still very happy with my discoveries, and I intend on keeping to try stuff from the brand.

I find that these products are very sensorial and they really are a pleasure to use. Also, a quick browse on their website convinced me that there were still many many things for me to try !

Next thing on my Aesop list ? Post-Poo Drops. Hihi

Do you know the brand ? What product would you recommend ?