Lush Diary #20 | Cyanide Pill


Hello my Bunnies,

Yes, I admit, I had announced a certain number of editions of the Lush Diary for this series and there is one more. But after this one, that’s it, I’m done, I’ll move on to something else 😉

For the last edition of this series, we’re talking about a bath bomb called Cyanide Pill.


As the name would suggest, this bath bomb is in the shape of a giant pill.

I find the idea of a poisoned bath quite alluring and the fact that cyanide has been associated with a lot of great stories in the cinema and in literature makes this bath bomb cultural. #yeahright


Once in the water, this bath bomb melts very quickly. So quickly that it turns on itself and navigates around the whole bathtub.

The yellow side contains a bit of red as well as popping candy and the white side contains silver glitter. The glitter, instead of evenly spreading around the tub like glitter usually does, forms a little cluster on the surface of the water which is reminiscent of a ball of mercury (in my opinion), which can add to the mystical side of cyanide. That is, if you’re into overanalyzing your bath …

The popping candy, just like it does in Cinders or Fizzbanger pops at the bottom of the bath while the pill dissolves, thus adding audio to the bath experience.

As you can probably imagine, visually, I’m not 100% convinced as once again, it ends up with yellow bath water. But I must admit that in this very case, the colour does work out pretty well with the whole experience, so I don’t mind as much.

The glitter, as you step into your bath, will spread evenly and be visible in the water (and a little bit on your skin too once you get out.

Scent wise, it’s woody and citrussy at the same time. Not my favourite scent but very pleasant nonetheless.


All in all, it’s not my all time favourite bath bomb but it offers a very well-thought off experience visually, as well as providing audio effects and a very nice scent.

As for availability … I bought mine at the Oxford St. flagship store in London, where all the exclusives bath bombs can be found. However, I thought that I’d seen it in a shop in Switzerland or in France … However, I can’t seem to find it on any of the website (CH, FR, UK…) online so I don’t know.

If you know anything, please let me know in the comments down below. I’ll try to do some research too.

Are you amongst the ones who have tried it ? Any thoughts ?