Lush Diary #19 | Fizzbanger

Hello my Bunnies,

I gave you a little bit of a break yesterday but I’m back for the last bit of this Lush series.

Today, for the 19th edition of the Lush Diary, we have a bath bomb called Fizzbanger.

It doesn’t look extra amazing in the shop as it’s a simple pastel yellow ball. However it’s a pretty yellow, very spring-like.

As you may know, I’m not a big fan of yellow baths, so you might be wondering: “why would she pick that one ?”

Well I don’t remember. Maybe I liked the scent a lot, or thought that this pastel yellow was just too pretty to resist.

But what’s more …

… is that this bath bomb isn’t just pastel yellow. Its centre is blue. It’s a mix of colour that I really like as I find it pretty, but also quite satisfying and reminiscent of spring (which will be here in no time.)

This colour scheme is also reminiscent of the Golden Wonder bath bomb (I talked about it here) that is only available at Christmas, whereas Fizzanger is available year round.

The other good thing about this mix of colour is that the water doesn’t turn out yellow, but a beautiful turquoise blue !

I mean … look how pretty it looks !

It also contains popping candy !!! When popping candy is in contact with warm water, it starts popping and resonates from the bottom of the tub thus sounding a bit like a fireworks, in the distance.

As for the scent … well I’m very sorry to report that apparently my brain blacked out and refused to remember what this bath bomb smells like. I’m guessing that it means that it was neither great nor horrible.

On their website, Lush describes the scent as being like a candied apple. I’m really sorry about my failure but as I’m unable to describe scents anyway, it doesn’t make much of a difference, does it ? #rubbishbblogger

Honestly though, I’ve never had a lush bath bomb that smelt bad anyway.

All in all, it’s a bath bomb that I really loved because of its gorgeous colour scheme and because of the popping candy that some may find useless but that I always find quite fun. I’m also pretty sure that I loved the scent too ^^,

Another thing that some of you might appreciate is that this bath bomb doesn’t contain any glitter.

Have you tried it ?