Lush Diary #18 | Karma Bubble

Hello my Bunnies,

Yup I’m back, and you guessed it, with another edition of the Lush Diary. Yes … again.

Today is another bubble bar day but this one doesn’t look like a macaroon. It looks like a great pyramid and is called Karma Bubble.

I’d say that this bubble bar would be one of the best bubble bars to buy as a gift for a men. For one thing, The Man in my life picked it last time I brought him to Lush.

I find that this bubble bar looks quite badass (yeah okay, I’m way off ^^) with its dark colour and geometric prints.

Once in the bath, it doesn’t fail to deliver and creates a ton of bubbles. Not unlike the two macaroons that I mentioned earlier this week. It creates enough bubble to hide the surface of the water entirely.

The water underneath is a deep, rich purple with a few specks of glitter (but don’t tell the men, it’d scare them off.) Really gorgeous, even though you absolutely can’t see it because of the bubbles.

Scent wise, this bubble bar has a more musky and spicy scent which also leads me to believe that it’d be amongst the ones that men would like. It’s a bit richer and deeper than most scents in Lush and also a tad more manly. However not truly manly as I find that it works perfectly for a girl/women too.

All in all, another great bubble bar that creates a heap of bubbles and smells delicious. I like this one for cold and dark nights and to buy as gifts for men.

Have you tried it ? What are your thoughts ?