Lush Diary #17 | Green Bubbleroon


Hello my Bunnies,

Here am I once again with the fourth Lush Diary edition in a row. We’re breaking records here 😛

But let’s not dwell on my breaking records for too long. Let’s move on.

Today I have another bubble bar to talk to you about that’s very similar to the one I was talking about yesterday, it’s called Green Bubbleroon (Macaroon + Bubbles) and is essentially the green version of Yuzu & Cocoa (there’s also a pink version)

Like I told you yesterday, talking about a bubble bar is pretty easy and quickly done. So let’s get to it !

Green Bubbleroon, like Yuzu & Cocoa, doesn’t disappoint in the bubble department. Like its yellow brother, it creates enough bubble to completely cover the surface of the water.

The water is, as you would expect, green. But again, it doesn’t really matter as you can’t see it anyway.

As for the scent, Green Bubbleroon has an earthy, herbal scent that reminds me of a cosmetic line from a hotel where I used to go with my parents.

It therefore brings back really nice memories and I really like this kind of scents that are very different to everything else that can be found in Lush.

So again, this bubble bar is a winner in my book. Load of bubble and fresh, delicious scent. I’m guessing that it’d be a particularly good bubble bar for spring. But I’m happy to use it anytime.

Have you tried it ?