Lush Diary #15 | Yog Nog | Christmas Collection

Hello my Bunnies,

As promised on sunday, I’m going to post a series of Lush Diary editions and it’s time for the 15th one.

Today I’m goign to talk to you abouth a bath bomb from the Christmas collection. This means that you can’t find it in stores at the moment, but you might have one in your collection and it might come back next year.

This bath bomb is called Yog Nog. [read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]

I find it very pretty with its off-white and golden hues and christmassy engraving.

However, when you put it into the bath, it doesn’t turn the water golden as one might expect, but rather fluorescent yellow.

To be honest, I’m not a big fan of the fluorescent yellow as I don’t find it particularly relaxing or pretty (but that’s very personal.)

This bomb does however hold a surprise as the white middle part doesn’t melt as quickly and contains bits of butter that melt very slowly and make the bath water very rich and nourishing.

As for the scent, the sales rep’ told me that using this bath bomb was like bathing in a chaï latte and she was right.

I must admit that I quite agree with her, as the bath water is quite rich and spicy. However, this spice mix in particular isn’t my absolute favourite (but you should know that I’m very picky with spices)

All in all, I initially found this bath bomb very attractive but I’m not a fan of the fluorescent yellow. I really enjoyed the buttery bit in the middle that made the water very rich but the scent, though lovely, wasn’t ma favourite.

So it’s a good one but for personal reasons (colour and scent) not one I’d repurchase.