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Hello my Bunnies,

I’m here today to talk to you about Estée Lauder’s latest launches. I was lucky enough to be invited to the press conference last week and to receive some of the new products to try at home.

Some of the products have been available for a few days, weeks or months and some are not out yet (but will be very soon !)

This post isn’t a review by any mean as I haven’t had enough time to give the products a proper road test. The point of this article is to talk to you as effectively and as succinctly the new products that can now be found.

I’m really happy to be able to talk to you about this brand as I’ve discovered quite a few nice things from them and I find that it’s a brand that doesn’t appear very often online. [read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]

If the brand had – until not long ago – a design and a range that made me think that it was more suited for adults (yup, 24 and I still don’t consider myself as an adult) I find that recently the brand has become more welcoming for younger customers (probably thanks to Kendall) and that their products are becoming more and more attractive.

Personally, amongst other things, I really like their famous Double Wear Foundation (see it in action here) as well as pretty much every version of their Cheek Powder Gelée (used here for instance) which often comes out in limited editions.

When I was attending the press conference, I must say that I was astonished to see how many new things were being released. What you can see on the pictures is only part of what’s to come.

I was also very excited for the press conference as last time I discovered the Color Envy Lip Potions (reviewed here) which are probably my best beauty find in 2015.

Speaking of lipsticks, there are two new lipstick launches this season as well as a lip treatment.

There are the Pure Color Envy Sculpting Gloss which are just like glosses, shiny with a fair tint of colour and the Pure Color Envy Lip Lacquers which offer a great color payoff and a very shiny (very shiny !) finish. I haven’t tried them but I can tell you that the colour selection is really nice and that they smell of vanilla. They’re already available at around CHF 36.- each.

As for the treatment, it is made out of two parts, a lip balm on one side and a plumping serum for around the lips on the other. It is called the New Dimension Plump + Fill Expert Lip Treatment* and is available for around CHF 58.-

The treatment for the skin around the lips is both supposed to brighten the shadows with light reflecting ingredients, but also, as you use it, to give the lips more volume thanks to the pro-collagene technology.

I haven’t really used it yet so I can’t tell you much about my experience, but I’d say that the lip balm is a good lip balm, comfortable to wear but not extraordinary.

The idea behind the New Dimension range is to have products that will help on the long term and products that give the illusion (of fuller lips for instance) until the products that will actually help your lips get fuller starts to work.

In september they launched a new serum that was supposed to help reshape the face (the jaw line for instance), and at the same time a contouring kit to reshape the face with makeup while the serum was working on actually reshaping it from the inside.

In the same New Dimension range you’ll find a cream for the eye area, one for the neck and décolleté as well as an eyeshadow trio to help contour the eye ares.

Makeup wise, there’s a new concealer, it’s the Double Wear Waterproof all day extreme wear concealer* available for around CHF 38.-

The shade I got is a bit too dark for my skin but tried on the back of my hand it gave a very natural finish and was indeed waterproof.

I’ll need to find someone to really try it out but I feel like the texture is really nice and would work really nicely on the skin.

Lastly in terms of makeup they released the Sumptuous Knockout mascara* which is available at around CHF 39.-

This mascara promises a matt black colour, volume and length without any clumps. On paper I’m sold ! I haven’t had the chance to try it yet and I’ve never used an Estée Lauder mascara so I’m pretty excited.

In the same range, they also reformulated their Double Wear Waterproof Eyliner that can be used both a liners and as eyeshadow. They come with a silicon end to smudge them and a sharpener hidden inside so that you can have a more precise line as they’re twist ups. I haven’t tried them but they’re available for about CHF 28.-

In terms of fragrance, they launched of fourth version of the Modern Muse fragrance which is called Eau de Rouge* and that’s available for about CHF 55.- for 30 ml.

I can already tell you that it’s my favourite variation out of all the Modern Muse fragrances (however, to be completely honest I’m not a fan of the original one or of the Chic one, but I really like the Rouge one that was launched this summer/automn) as it is fresher and more subtle.

I’m also completely in love with the packaging, which quite frankly would be a really nice gift idea for Valentine’s Day.

Let’s have a look at skincare now. To start off with, the NightWear Plus 3-Minute Detox Mask* that is available for around CHF 91.-

It’s a pastel green, very liquidy mask, that has a fresh cucumber scent. This clay based mask is supposed to detoxify the skin in just 3 minutes and prepare it for the following steps in your skincare routine, thus improving their efficiency. It should help clarify pores and control the amount of sebum your skin produces.

As I’ve only used it once, I can’t really tell you how good it actually is, however I can tell you that I find the concept of a 3-minute mask ideal as it allows me to leave it on my skin while I brush my skin. Thus I can do face masks more often without making my routine any longer.

the kid in me is so ridiculously happy 😛

There’s also a new mask in the Advanced Night Repair range, it is the Concentrated Recovery PowerFoil Mask* that I decided to show you on as it’s much nicer more fun.

This little futuristic looking sheet mask contains has much active ingredients as half a bottle of the serum of the same range. It’s probably one of the reasons for the price as this will set you back CHF 120.- for 4 masks.

The aluminum is there to insure that the active ingredients don’t get lost into thin air but stay on your skin and thus work better. The mask is supposed to repair the skin, be hydrating, and soothing for the skin.

I must admit that with that kind of price tag I was expecting nothing short of a miracle … but as you might expect, in terms of skincare, miracles don’t happen in 10 minutes. My skin was really soft when I took it off and well hydrated but I didn’t notice any dramatic difference.

*I’m using the Advanced Night Repair serum (which I’m really happy about) every other night any way so I’m thinking that it might make the mask seem less efficient as they are after all pretty much the same thing. Also, Estée Lauder advises to use a mask/week but I can’t afford to try that.

I must also admit that sadly this sheet mask isn’t the best out there. The aluminum makes it lose some of its flexibility therefore meaning that it doesn’t fit on the skin as nicely as it could (as you can see on the picture) and it doesn’t stick to the skin particularly well either. This means that you should stay still while wearing it rather than trying to take blog pictures maybe…

In terms of skincare, they also came up with a lighter version of their Revitalizing Supreme anti aging creme which is now called Revitalizing Supreme Light Global Anti-Aging Creme Oil Free*.

This is a nice addition to the range as the original version was far too rich for skins like mine.

This cream is supposed to fight every aspect of skin aging and to nourish the skin to keep it hydrated, all the while balancing the production of sebum. It is most suited for normal to combination skin types.

I haven’t tried it yet so all I can tell you is that it exists, that it costs about CHF 75.- for 30ml and that it will be available from mid-february.

They also launched a “new” eye cream back in september that is called the Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond Transformative Energy Eye Creme*.

This cream contains ingredients that are supposed to increase the skin’s natural production of collagen by 215% in just 72 hours.

To be honest, I can’t really try this out and judge it as my under eye area is only 24 years old and fortunately still looks young enough, but I can tell you that I’ve been enjoying using it for the past few months.

That being said, it better be freaking efficient as buying this eye cream will set you back CHF 285.- It is sold with a massage wand made out of cooling gold alloy that I haven’t tried but that you can see here.

*I have now given my pot to my parents so we’ll see what they think of it.

In the same Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond range, they launched a black truffle and bamboo charcoal mask that is extremely black which is supposed to give you the experience of a SPA at home (and to help you scare off your family as it is very black !) It is the Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond Revitalizing Mask.

Finally, Estée Lauder launched a body cream. It is the Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-Aging Body Creme*.

This cream will help tone your skin and nourish it. It’ll be available from mid-february for about CHF 94.-

Once again, I’m not really fitted to try it out and judge it as my skin looks pretty much as young as it could but I’ll see if I can find someone to try it for me.

So I imagine that your reaction could be : OMG EVERYTHING IS SO EXPENSIVE !

Well … it is.

However I’m convinced that you can find good products anywhere and that some will be very affordable and others very expensive. For me, if a product performs I don’t mind spending a bit more for it.

The point of this article is not just to tell you that this and that product exist, but if there are some of the above-mentionned products that particularly interest you, don’t hesitate to let me know and I’ll try to do as much of an in-depth review as I can. Some will pop up on the blog anyway but if there’s one on particular that you want to know more about, don’t hesitate to let me know.

My goal is that together we can work to find Holy Grail products in the thousands of products that are out there regardless of whether they’re high end or high street.

And if you have any experience with some of these products, don’t hesitate to leave a comment down below so that we can all share each other’s knowledge and experience.

Is there anything that you find tempting, intriguing, exciting in this selection of products ?


*products given by the brand for consideration[/read]

  • Amazing! I never thought you were only 24! but I'm very bad at guessing peoples ages, lol.
    I love the brand, many of my favorite skincare products come from them, so I'm very excited to try the new ones 🙂

    • Oh good lord this means I look old ^^ jk
      What are your favourite products from the brand ?