Too Faced Melted Fig | What’s the Fuss all About ?

Hello my Bunnies,

I disappeared during the holidays but I’m back ! I hope that you all had a fantastic time and a great start to the new year !

In any case, I wish you nothing but the best for the next 12 months and I’m looking forward to sharing some time with you through the blog !

For this first post of 2016, I want to talk to you about one of my latest lipstick acquisition, it is the Too Faced Melted Fig.

There’s been a lot of hype about it online and I finally caved when Roberta from Réglisse et Myrtille asked me to get it for her and I decided to get one for myself as well. [read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]

When you look online, you’ll find a lot of praise about these and it’s quite arduous to find a negative review.

The concept is new –as far as I’m aware– as the Melted are liquid lipsticks, however not simply liquid but –as the name would suggest– melted.

Apparently, it has been proven that lipsticks perform better when melted so Too Faced took care of it for us and created a melted lipstick in a tube that stays liquid.

Online, you’ll read that the Melted lipsticks provide a satin finish (not glossy, not mat, the perfect in-between), an opaque colour pay-off and an incredible longevity, all the while being extremely comfortable and very easy to apply.

Bold claims, bold claims ..!

What do I think of it then ..?

First off, I love the packaging that’s as cute as Too Faced packagings get. Irresistible.

As for comfort, I agree, 100% ! When you first apply it, it’s slightly glossier than it is satiny, but as it dries it loses a bit of shine but none of its comfort.

Serious added bonus for winter : It doesn’t emphasise dry lips !

I wouldn’t say that it is transfer-free but that’s probably due to its very buttery formula(you can’t have everything.) The formula is indeed very comfortable for as long as the colour stays on the lips.

As for application, it is indeed very easy ! The foam applicator dispenses just the right amount of product and is so shaped that it makes following the shape of the lips effortless.

Result : you’ll get a uniform colour pay-off and a good definition of your lips.

Depending on the shade you have, you could even dare to touch up without a mirror, but I wouldn’t do it with a bright red.

For the shade Melted Fig, I’m brave enough to touch up without a mirror and most of the time it works out well.

*my whole review is based on this shade as it’s the only one I own at the moment

This shade in particular was quite hyped up and I totally understand why. It’s a very unique shade –almost purple– all the while being super pretty when worn (I haven’t seen a single person on whom it doesn’t look good yet.)

So as you may have gathered, I’m really happy about my purchase.

For the con’s however :

The scent/taste isn’t the nicest in my opinion. It’s slightly fruity but not enough to cover the lipstick scent. It’s not too strong but if you’re sensitive to smell it might bother you. It doesn’t bother me but I’m not a big fan.

As for the longevity, I’d say that it it this product’s most serious drawback. I’m not one to wear lipstick with a chronometer in my hand but what I’ve observed is that you’ll be fine as long as you don’t eat or drink but that you’ll have to reapply as soon as you’re done eating or drinking.

All in all : I love love love my Too Faced Melted Fig for its unique colour and its comfort. If the longevity isn’t outstanding, application is easy, meaning that touch ups won’t be too much of a hassle. I do find the colour very unique and flattering !

If you’re looking for a semi-mat lipstick, in an extremely cute packaging, go have a look at the Too Faced counter and you’ll probably find a shade for your as their range is quite extensive !

Do you know the Melteds ? What shade would you recommend ?


  • I love the colour. It's obvious to see why everyone talks about this shade.

  • It looks lovely! I'm just one of those lazy people who want to apply their lipstick and forget about it, so having to reapply it would annoy me a little. Nevertheless, I think the concept is great so I'd like to give it a try 🙂 Thanks for the in-depth review!

    Cheryl | SwissBeautyTalk

  • What a beautiful colour! I have yet to try any of these melted lipsticks but I love Too Faced in general! xx