Lush Haul | Christmas Collection & Oxford St. Exclusive

Hello my Bunnies,

Yes, yes … I know … some more Lush products. I’m sorry. I promise I’ll try and talk about something else !

But I was in London which means that I just had to pop by the Oxford st. Lush store.

For those of you who don’t know. Lush has a flagship store on Oxfort St. where they have a lot of products that are not yet released in other Lush stores. I think that they sort of try out their new stuff there and then bring it into their other stores.

I already went there in June (you can see my haul here) and I went again because I wanted to buy more of their Bath Oils. [read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]

The bath oils are made out of solid oils and butters and melt into the bath transforming the water into a rich liquid that will moisturise your skin. They’re also a lot smaller than all the other bath goodies.

Last time I bought Shark Infested Custard (that name still makes me giggle) (you can find my review here) that I really liked and therefore decided to pick a few more.

So let’s have a look at what I got, shall we ?

*one little thing you should know is that I had a massive cold when I went into Lush that time, and sort of let chance decide what I was going to buy. I mean my cold was so bad that I was in a Lush store and couldn’t smell anything (nothing at all !) Can you even imagine such a severe cold ?!

The first bath oil I picked up is called I am a Radiant Being and I probably chose it just because it was in the shape of a pink star.

Now that my cold is a bit better, I can tell you that it smells quite floral with a subtle citrussy hint to it.

The second one is called Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment and has the same scent as the Snow Fairy range. For those of you who don’t know it, it’s a delicious candy scent.

It’s a love or hate smell, but I love it !

This third little ball is made out of a green paste and tiny petals, I chose it imagining that the petals would float on the water.

It’s called Flower Barrow Bath and I really like its scent that is both floral and sweet.

*I found it so cool that I bought three extra ones as stocking fillers …

Then there’s The Sun Bath which I chose because of how shiny it looks (hihi)…

This little marble smells very citrussy and I can’t wait to try it.

Last but not least there’s Cloak of Invisibility . I honestly don’t remember why I chose it (may have been the name … I’m a bit of a potterhead) but now that I can smell it, it’s very floral, in a nice way.

I think I like it, i’ll see once it’s in the water.

And seeing as I am very weak when it comes to Lush, I didn’t only buy bath oils but also did a bit of damage in the Christmas Collection.

The first thing I picked up is this magic wand called  The Magic of Christmas which smells like spices and almond and is a reusable bubble bar.

I really like the pink wand (review here) that smells like Snow Fairy and that’s the main reason why I wanted to try this other wand.

Also, the girl in the store dipped my hand into water where this wand had melted and it felt extremely rich and moisturising which is a serious added bonus !

I then got 5 Gold Rings which is also a reusable bubble bar.

It’s gold and sparkly, I like bubble baths, I am weak, I was unable to resist.

*plus I really like the 12 days of Christmas carol =D

This next one was a planned purchase as it is probably my favourite bath bomb in the Christmas collection so far. It is called Shoot for the Stars.

It’s not so much the scent (which is delightful) nor the show (which is really good too) as it is the end result that I love so much about this bath bomb. This bath bomb will turn your bath into a starry night !

I promise it will ! The water will turn a magnificent midnight blue colour and there will be tiny golden and silver glitter particles floating about, which really look like stars *-*

Next up is this bath bomb called Yog Nog that I bought because it’s a new one that I’ve never tried before and I found that it looked appealing.

Also, the girl in the store told me that it was just like bathing in chaï tea, which is a good enough argument for me.

Last but not least, I couldn’t leave without one of the Butterbear‘s !

If you’ve read my review (here) you may already know that I loooove it, but also that I really needed one that wasn’t beheaded.

There you go, that’s it for my “little” haul (hihi). I hope that my pictures made you green with envy and I’ll be sure to post my reviews for all these products in future editions of the Lush Diary.