Lush Diary #13 | Golden Wonder | Christmas Collection


Hello my Bunnies,

As promised, here’s another review of a product from the Lush Christmas Collection.

The bath bomb that I’m going to talk about today isn’t new and has, in fact, been part of the winter collection for quite a few years now.

It is in the shape of a golden present with a white ribbon and is called Golden Wonder*.


It looks amazing ! And if you’re one to pay attention to details, you’ll be happy to know that it rattles when you shake it. Just like the presents we used to shake under the tree when we were kids.

Once in the water, this bath bomb doesn’t just make for a nice bath, it is an event in itself.


Firstly, I find the colours to be very pleasing. The golden part isn’t made out of chunky glitter but of very fine shimmer particles which makes it even better and it looks particularly nice with the turquoise blue inside.

However, the blue isn’t the only thing hidden inside. There also are tiny golden stars that float about on the surface of the water.


As for the rattling noise, it’s made by colourful little gems inside the present, that, once they start melting, add to the show.

After the show, you’ll be left with a gorgeous blue bath, topped with floating stars and with a gorgeous golden shimmer all throughout the water.

As you may have guessed it, I’m a big fan !


As for the scent … well … I still can’t describe it properly but I’d say that it’s somewhere between fruity and spicy, with notes of orange (like orange liquor) and more spicy notes. Heavenly.

All in all, it’s one of my favourite bath bombs, especially to buy as a gift as it looks great and makes for a really special bath !

The golden shimmer is easy to get rid off in the tub if you don’t wait for it to dry.


It really is a star of the winter collection in my opinion and I’m not surprised to see it come back year after year.

Have you tried it ?


*press sample