Lush Diary #12 | Magic Wand | Christmas Collection

Hello my Bunnies,

I’m back with (yet) another review from the Lush Christmas Collection.

Once again, the bath bomb I’m talking about isn’t new and has been part of the winter collection for a few years now.

It’s actually a reusable bubble bar called Magic Wand.

If mine looks a bit brown around the edges it’s because it’s one that’s left over from last year, but this year’s version looks the same apart from the fact that it has a bit of silver glitter (if I’m not mistaken) but it smells the same and is essentially the same product.

As it is a reusable bubble bar, you use it slightly differently than you would a bubble bar. Indeed, you don’t crumble it under running water but use it like you would an actual magic wand and swirl it in the water while the bath is running and under the tap to create bubble until you’re satisfied with the amount of bubble, the scent and the colour.

It’s hard to say how many baths you can make with one but I’d say at least 3-4 depending on how much bubble you want.

I also like to use reusable bubble bars in addition to other bath bombs and bath melts to add a bit of bubble to an otherwise «flat» bath.

The scent of this bubble bar is the same as the Snow Fairy shower gel, a delicious candy smell that some might find sickening but that I looove.

It is a bubble bar that would make a great gift for a little girl and a big one too ! It makes you feel like a bath fairy and then you can relax in candy pink water with loads of bubble and a matching scent.

I’m a big fan !

How about you, do you like candy baths ?