Lush Diary #8 | Sparkly Pumpkin | Halloween Collection

Hello my Bunnies

Today is time for another Lush review. I’ll admit I’m a bit late with this one, sadly this bubble bar was part of the Halloween collection.

*don’t worry, I’ve got your back and an extra one for you – read until the end.

Also, I saw that some shops still had a few left to sell and they’re also available in the pumpkin shaped gift set alongside the Lord of Misrule bath bomb (which I talked about here.)

*you should know that buying the two bath bombs in the gift set is more expensive than buying them separately… I find that very odd.

But I still haven’t told you what I’m talking about, it’s the Sparkly Pumpkin* bubble bar.

As you can see, it’s a really cute, little sparkly pumpkin (who would have thought ?!)

As for all the other aspects, the Sparkly pumpkin can be broken down to 3 main points:

1. A delicious spicy scent (as would suggest the cinnamon stick)

2. A crazy amount of bubbles (the picture doesn’t do it justice, it was 30cm above the water – cray-zay !) Am I the only one to absolutely love the sweet sound of bubbles ?

3. A beautiful orange water (it doesn’t matter ‘cause you can’t see it, but it’s pretty nonetheless)

All in all, I really really love this bubble bar. So much so that I quickly ran into a shop yesterday to see if they had some left.

I found two in the Lush Shop in Rennes and bought them both.

Why both ? Well, there’s going to be one for me and one for you. Not right now, but it’ll be part of a little Christmas giveaway so keep your eyes peeled =)

Have you been lucky enough to try it ?


*PR sample