30 Days of Yoga with Adriene | My Experience

Hello my Bunnies,

Today I’m not talking about beauty, but about yoga ! If you want to do some yoga or add a bit of sport into your routine then keep on reading =)

I haven’t talked about it a lot, but at the beginning of October, I mentioned on my Instagram that I was starting the challenge «30 days of yoga with Adriene». [read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]

The idea is simple: do a bit of yoga every day for a month. There are 30 videos, one for each day. #duh

I did quite a bit of yoga when I was a teenager, but when my teacher moved I stopped and haven’t really practised in 5 years.

I really like yoga because I find that it’s great for flexibility, strength and balance.

In an attempt to get back to it, I bought myself a mat this spring. Sadly I didn’t really find (or rather make) the time to practice and forgot my mat in my closet.

But when the Celebrate September Challenge created by 10tubes ended on instagram, I was left with the wish to do another challenge and that’s when I decided to try this one (I realise it’s very different to posting a photo a day on IG but it is a challenge nonetheless)

I’ve now finished the challenge (a month ago, … it took me some time to write that post :/) and I want to share my experience with you.

Like I said, the challenge is called «30 Days of Yoga» and can be found on the youtube channel «Yoga with Adriene.»

I found Adriene’s channel through Anna from Vivianadoesmakeup and immediately liked her personality (and when you’re going to spend 30 minutes/day with someone, it’s important ;))

After the intro I instantly knew that I was going to like her and I was determined to complete the challenge.

Over the weeks I missed a few days, but I always caught back, sometime going through several videos in one day to catch up.

Overall it was a great experience and if you want to try yoga, to get back to it, to improve your skills or are looking for a way to add a bit of movement to your daily life, I’d strongly suggest checking out Adriene’s channel.

I really really liked the challenge and heartily recommend it because :

It forced me to unwind, for at least 15 minutes everyday (the length of the videos varies from 15 to 40 minutes depending on the day.) As I’m constantly running from one thing to the next, this made me feel a lot better.

I noticed great results very quickly. I could feel the muscles in my back getting stronger, my posture improved and I also noticed that my flexibility was getting better everyday. The fact that some moves come back every time really allows you to measure your progress.

Adriene has great tips and knows exactly when to tell you what’s important and what you should pay attention to (unclench your jaw, relax your shoulders, …) It’s so accurate that you sometimes wonder if she’s not in the room looking at you.

The challenge is made for everyone, no matter what your level of yoga is. The explanations are detailed enough for the beginner but she also presents alternatives for more advanced yogis.

You don’t need much to do the challenge. Comfy clothes and something to train on. If you don’t have a mat you could get away with using a rug or a blanket. Of course it’s better with a mat but don’t think that you can’t do the challenge if you don’t have one.

In the comments there are many people saying «thank you Adriene for keeping yoga weird !» I find that particularly accurate. Adriene is really funny and witty and this makes for a much relaxed mood. When I used to go to yoga classes I was always a bit petrified because I felt like I wasn’t really allowed to move or make any noise. Well it’s not the case with Adriene who invites us to move until we feel comfortable in our posture and it makes sense – why would I want to stay in a very uncomfortable position ? It’s probably not doing me any good. There’s a difference between having to make an effort and feeling the muscles burn and feeling uncomfortable altogether. It also makes for a much more relaxed experience, which is also an important aspect of yoga.

If English is not your language (and even if it is, who knows…) this challenge is a great way to practice anatomy ! There were some body parts that I didn’t remember the name of. Well now I’m all good.

As the days go by, the videos tend to become shorter but she will suggest other videos or exercises that would best follow the session, thus allowing to become more independent in your practice of yoga. And if you don’t want to become independent then there are plenty of other videos on her channel to fit all your needs (yoga for weightloss, yoga for that time of the month, yoga before bed, …)
fter a month of yoga, I feel better in my body. I’ve strengthened some of my muscles and improved my flexibility. I also noticed that I was much happier on the days when I did yoga than on the days when I skipped the video. I don’t know that the two are related, they might not be, but I’m not sure I believe in that kind of coincidence.

So if yoga appeals to you in any way and don’t know where to start, start with Adriene. Give it a go, if only for a few days, I’m sure you’ll be as pleased as I was.

Is yoga a part of your routine ? Tempted ?


  • Veronica Moore

    Thanks for sharing your experience of 30 DYC Program. I was also thinking about to join for 30 DAY YOGA CHALLENGE. Now , I can easily join my Yoga classes with your excited challenge. Thanks Again!