Lush Diary #6 | Lord of Misrule | Christmas & Halloween collections

Hello my Bunnies,

Today I’m here again for a new edition of the Lush Diary !
(you can find the previous ones herehereherehere and here.)

I’m all over the place and can’t calm down because the new Lush Christmas and Halloween collections have been available online and in stores since monday !

I’m therefore probably going to post a lot of Lush Diary entries in the next few weeks (as quickly as possible) so that you’ll know what’s available and have a little more info on what to choose when you’ll next be in a Lush shop. I also want to do that while the collections are still available (obv.)

I’ve been lucky enough to receive a Christmas/Halloween parcel from Lush so I’ll be able to review a fair bit of these two collections.

I also hope to be able to present the collections more generally very soon.

But let’s get to today’s business:

Today, for the 6th edition of the Lush Diary, I’m going to talk to you about the bath bomb called Lord of Misrule*.

It’s been in the collection before so you may already know it.

As you can see, it’s a light creamy green that I find really pretty and is decorated with a crown.

But what I like even more than the colour is the scent. I can sniff it for hours and when I got out of the bath, I spent the whole day smelling my arms. Yes, it smells that great ! It may be my favourite.

NB: There’s also a shower gel called Lord of Misrule so I’m guessing that it may have a similar scent. But I haven’t had a chance to give it a sniff yet.

Once in the water, the pictures are clearer than my words could be but I’ll still comment on them. ’cause I’m nice like that.

As you may have guessed from its colour, it starts by being completely green, I really like the softness of this colour.

After a while, you can see a little pink/purple coming out of the bath bomb until everything looks more pink than green.

At the time, I feared that the water would become brown (green + pink, it seemed logical) but it doesn’t !

When it’s all dissolved, the water is a very rich, burgundy colour. Similar to the colour of mulled wine if you will.

All in all, what I like the most about this bath bomb is the scent ! It really is incredible ! But to bathe in mulled wine after a festival of green and pink just adds to this bath bomb’s greatness.

So I really really like it and I’ll be sure to pop into a store to buy a couple (for myself and as gifts) before they stop selling it.

Lord of Misrule is part of both the Halloween and Christmas collections and I really recommend it.

Do you know it ?


*press sample