3 Reasons Why You Need the Halloween & X-Mas Collections From Lush

Hello my Bunnies,

I’m very happy and excited because I’m here today to share with you the brand new winter collections from Lush, that is the Christmas and Halloween collections.

If you pop around here every now and again, you’ll know that I’m a huge fan of Lush. I like their philosophy as well at the alliance of fun and efficiency that has become their signature.

I never manage to walk into a Lush shop and leave without a bag. And it’s always an excessively big one.

That’s why I jumped up and down like a little girl when I realised that Lush had been nice enough to send me an early christmas gift. Thanks to this parcel, I’ve been able to have quite a good luck at the new collections and today I want to share the lovely things I’ve discovered with you all. [read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]

What’s more is that I’ve already managed to try quite a few products so I’ll leave links to my reviews and you’ll be able to know even more about the products.

But here are the reasons why you can’t miss these collections:

Dashing Santa

1. The Christmas collection is excessively cute !

Lush products always look really cute but I must say that they do an even better job come Christmas.

The two little Santas that you can see here, Dashing Santa and Peeping Santa, are only the tip of the iceberg. I also love Butterbear (find a review here) and 5 Golden Rings (here’s the song if you want it stuck in your head too. You’re welcome ^^,)

Their cute looks make them perfect gift for children and for those of us who stayed kids at heart.

It also makes it all the more pleasant to have them on display. Not only will they make the room smell amazing, I’m also convinced that being surrounded by pretty things increases our happiness level (how materialistic of me -.-)

2. The great products from the previous years are back with a heap of amazing new things !

If like me, you’ve been waiting for months for the Snow Fairy shower gel to come back, you’ll be happy to know that it finally has !

I’m also thinking about the likes of Shoot For the Stars (hauled here) which is in my top 3 (for the starry night it turns your bath into), Cinders (review here), Butterbear (review here) and Golden Wonder (which I’ve been a fan of ever since it first came out.)

As for the new ones, I want to mention the ever-so-cute Peeping Santa as well as Yog Nog (which I find oddly satisfying) but quite frankly I could just mention them all.

3. Lord Of Misrule is a reason in itself !

My absolute favourite I think and it’s part of both collections !!!

Be it the bath bombs (review here) that will leave your skin and bathroom smell incredible or the shower gel that smells just as amazing and makes it look like you’re painting yourself green, I find the range to be absolutely perfect.

I do like green but truth is, the main reason I love it so much is because the scent is simply perfect !

Peeping Santa

I realise that I very much focused on the Christmas collection but that is mainly because it’s a lot more extensive than the Halloween one.

The Nightwing shower jelly looks absolutely wicked and would be perfect for anyone who likes to have fun in the shower (no, … not that kind of fun ! ^^)

I also want to briefly mention the Sparkly Pumpkin (review coming soon !) that is already sold out on the website and that I’d strongly recommend picking up if you get a chance !

Golden Wonder

I kind of went all over the place here but that’s because the level of excitement cannot be contained…

What you should remember is this : Go to a Lush shop, sniff everything, look at everything and you will walk out of there much happier than you walked in.

Be it for the scent, the purpose or the look, there is something for everyone !

I focus on the bath bombs because they’re what I like the most but that’s not all they do. In the collections you can find shower jellies, shower gels (Rose Jam !!!) body scrubs, soaps, FUN’s (you know the play doh type of soap ;)) and even another body conditioner, among other great things !

And if you find that the prices are a bit high, think about all the work behind the products.

I used to think like that but Lush products are handmade, they’re careful with their ingredients (you could still do better but they’re really good !) and I think that you have to look at their products differently than you’d look at your average products. They’re almost little works of art … what ? too far ?!

When you use a bath bomb from Lush, you’re not just taking a bath, you’re taking part in an event. Staaaahp that’s too much. Staaahp !

I’ll stop here with the propaganda (I promise they’re not paying me. I just really really love their products) and I’d suggest that you go and see for yourself 🙂

And if you don’t have the time to go to the shop, you can always browse the website 😉

Are you a Lush fan ?

Macha [/read]