New In at Lush (feet, hands & more)

The best smelling parcel I’ve ever received !

Hello my Bunnies,

Good news today ! I’m going to be talking about new Lush products and, for once, they’re available in stores. Shocking, I know.

I was lucky enough to be sent some of the new products that have been released at the end of august by my favourite ethical cosmetic company ! I will therefore present the products I tried and I will also briefly address the other releases. [read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]

The first thing I tried is the Love and Light* hand cream. You may have already seen it on my instagram or twitter because I fell in love with it instantly.

The scent is very different to everything else I know, and I didn’t think I would like it, but I actually love it ! It’s quite strong and floral, it may be the scent of the neroli, but I don’t really know. All I know is it’s really nice !

The formula of this cream is quite surprising at first. Without it being really runny, it is a lot lighter on the skin. It almost has a watery feel to it, but in a good way as it makes it really light. What I’m trying to say is that it is less thick than other hand creams and that you therefore use a lot less.

At first I also thought it would make my hands all sticky. Indeed, it doesn’t penetrate into the skin as quickly as some other hand creams. The good thing is that it allows you to really massage it into the skin, thus improving its efficiency.

And the end result is great ! Once you’ve really rubbed it in, not only do your hands smell great, they also feel a lot softer immediately.

All in all, this hand cream gets a big thumbs up from me for its ability to make my seriously damaged hands (from the intense climbing sessions) feel and look a lot softer.

The second product is a foot exfoliator in the shape of a pumice stone. It’s cleverly called Pumice*. It’s actually made out of tiny exfoliating bits (that feel like sand) held together by some kind of hydrating and nourishing base.

Once again, the scent is gorgeous ! You don’t really smell it when you sniff it but when you’re using it, it really develops into a great orange-y scent that fills the whole room. And if you ask me, orange is the new black perfect kind of scent while heading towards colder months.

It is very simple to use: you wet your feet, rub them with Pumice and then, what I like to do, is to massage my feet for a while with the product that clung to my skin to really work it into the skin before rinsing and drying.

Once you’re done, you’re left with gorgeously scented soft feet, as the butter the exfoliating part are enclosed in really moisturises the skin,

If you have very dry feet or a lot of dead skin, this product may not do the trick for you as it’s not as efficient as a foot file can be, but if they’re a bit dry and a bit coarse it’ll do a great job of smoothing everything out and it is much nicer (and more glamorous) to use than a foot file.

The third product is another hand care product and I read the label 4 times to make sure that it really was what it said it was: a hand mask. It’s called Golden Handshake* and it is a tiny hand on a stick, covered in golden glitter.

Out of the 4 products I tried, it’s the only one that left me a bit “meh.” At first I didn’t really get how to use it so I asked my friend google: How to use Lush’s golden handshake ?

It’s actually quite simple. You have to dissolve the whole thing into warm water. However warm tap water isn’t warm enough to dissolve it, so I used boiling water, like a few other users suggested (you just have to be careful before dipping your hands into it …)

My online research also told me that it was enough to use only part of the product (thus making it reusable.) Indeed, once it’s dissolved into water, the golden handshake creates a sort of paste and with half of it, I had enough paste to cover both my hands and I also did my feet as there was so much left.

So – after checking the temperature – you dip your fingers (and toes) in the mixture and wait for it to do its magic (I like to catch up on youtube videos or watch an episode of New Girl while I wait.)

The feeling isn’t unpleasant, the scent is really nice and the child in me found the jelly-like texture really enjoyable, but to be honest, I wasn’t blown away by the result.

The thing is, after 15-20 minutes in watery jelly your hands tend to be all crumpled/wrinkled which makes it really hard to tell if they’re softer or not. But even afterwards, I didn’t find that my hand were in an amazing condition (I do a lot of climbing and my hands are really damaged but it didn’t help an awful lot.) It did make my feet a lot softer though. However I’m not sure that the result is much better than it would be with a good cream (Soap&Glory’s foot cream is really nice for instance)

All in all, I find that it isn’t the most convenient thing to use (you do need a kettle and you can’t do anything with your hands for 15 minutes) and that the end result doesn’t really make it all worthwhile. What’s more is that it is rather on the pricey side at 7.50 CHF especially if you use it all in one go.

I wil use the second half because it wasn’t a bad product and I enjoyed playing with the jelly but I don’t think that it is a revolutionary product.

The fourth and final product is a solid body scrub. It’s actually very similar to the foot scrub I mentioned earlier except for you body. It’s also made out of exfoliations particles (sugar) in a moisturising base.

It’s called Rough with the Smooth* and it also smells amazing. I wasn’t sure about the concept but I actually find it a lot more convenient than a scrub in a pot and a lot easier to use.

So you wet yourself, turn off the water and rub it all over. Be warned, like the name would suggest, it isn’t a gentle scrub at all.

I even find that for some parts of my body it’s a bit too rough (on my belly for instance) but it’s great to use on the legs and arms.

Afterwards you’re left with really soft skin thanks to its exfoliating and nourishing properties. What’s more is that you smell great and that the scent does linger for a while.

This product is probably my favourite out of the 4 I’ve tried (that or the hand cream, I’m not sure) because of its efficiency and its scent.

In Switzerland, all 4 products have been available in stores since the end of August.
Love and Light hand cream : 19.50
Pumice : 7.90
Golden Handshake : 7.50
Rough with the Smooth : 13.50

Among the other new products you can find other bits and bobs for your hands and feet (which we do tend to neglect more often than not) as well as 3 new shower gels and other body products (Yuzu&Cocoa smells incredible and Beautiful is full of glitter ! I’m also really interested in the cinnamon scented shower jelly !) There’s also another solid body scrub that looks incredibly pretty (Rub rub.)

I haven’t had a chance to see any of them in real life yet but I really want to as the press release makes them look really promising 😛

In my book this is another winning round for Lush. They just celebrated their 20th birthday and I can only wish them many more. This post is another opportunity for me to tell you how much I admire what they do.

Fun, ethic, great-smelling and efficient – that’s all it takes to win me over.

I thank the Lush Switzerland team once more for their trust and I hope that you all liked this post.

Have you tried some of these products ? Tempted ?


*products sent by the brand for consideration[/read]

  • Wow these all look amazing!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  • I love Lush! I like the sound of the handcream, just not keen on the packaging as I prefer my handcreams in a tube so I can carry them around in my handbag. The body exfoliator sounds very interesting too. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  • Agreed =)

  • Yeah It's not the most convenient packaging. But I quite like this one on my night stand before I go to sleep or before heading to work so I don't mind it too much.
    The body exfoliator is really really good !!!