My Afternoon with L’Alpage | Swiss Cosmetics

Hello my Bunnies,

Today I wanted to share with you the amazing monday afternoon I spent at the l’Alpage shop in Lausanne. And first off I have to address how cute the shop is !

It’s all made out off wood, slate, and cute pictures of typical swiss landscapes. The place feels very relaxing and cozy, like an alpine holiday house. (And I’m a stupid blogger who left her camera at home) [read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]

Except that it’s better than a holiday house because it’s full of beauty products !

So while I’m at it, I might as well talk about their beauty products.

Julien Gibert, the founder of l’Alpage actually invited me to come by the shop so that he could talk to me about his products. I did just that and so did he.

The brand now has 44 products that range from skincare to body care and also include hand care.

There’s a range for every skin type and a range for men too. Each range contains one or several products like moisturizers, serums, eye creams, toners, micellar water, masks and there’s definitely something for everyone.

I tried everything in the shop. I was covered in cream from the tip of my fingers all the way to both my elbows. There wasn’t one formula that didn’t feel nice on the skin or one smell that wasn’t pleasing.

As for their philosophy, l’Alpage wants to be a local brand. The ingredients come from Switzerland and everything is made in Switzerland from the formulas to the origami packaging and the wooden shelves they’re presented on.

They also try and include as many natural ingredients as possible in their products (for a lot of them, it’s about 90% natural) and you can find that kind of useful information in image form on the side of the packaging which is very user-friendly and convenient.

The point of the brand was to fill a gap in the swiss market where everything is quite expensive and very clinical.

L’Alpage therefore wanted to come up with a more natural and affordable brand. The prices range from 9 to 99CHF (but 22 to 99CHF when it comes to skincare.) So it is more expensive than Nivea but much more affordable than Estée Lauder. It all depends on your budget and what’s important to you.

When I left the shop I had stars in my eyes and a wishlist of about 44 products (more or less…) here’s why :

I like the way the brand looks ! We can all say that it’s not what matters but it does matter and it’s the first thing that we see. I like the attention to details and how chic everything looks.

I like the scents and textures ! I can’t tell you how the products perform yet but I can’t tell you that I didn’t feel or smell anything that wasn’t pleasing.

I like their gift boxes ! Out of the 44 products on my wishlist, the majority wouldn’t be for me. It’s a brand that I’d love to give as gifts to my friends and family (I already bought a moisturiser for my dad) because it looks really pretty and has a nice story behind it. The gift boxes can be tailor made and start at 20CHF.

I like their philosophy, their story, their ingredients ! Some could say that it’s a load of crap (excuse my language), a bit of marketing talk or full of clichés (the alpine herbs and glacier water in the ingredients as well as the alpine feel to it is very cheesy, have I been told) so yeah, it may look and feel a bit like a postcard but I don’t see what’s wrong with that. Don’t we put the best things on postcards ?! And in the end you have good products in cute packaging, I’m all for it !

Quite frankly, after this first encounter there isn’t a single negative thing that I can think of.

Now I’ll jump into the testing of the face mask and the micellar water (I think I’m in love already) that were so nicely given to me (Thank you ever so much once again !) and my father will try out his moisturiser too. Once it’s all tried out, I’ll report back !

If you are interested in the brand, I’d strongly recommend popping into their shop ! Be it only for the view 😉 They’ll also be at the Comptoir Suisse from Saturday onwards.

Do you know this brand ?