Lush Diary #5 | Yoga Bomb

Hello my Bunnies,

What better thing to talk about on an autumn sunday night than a bath bomb ?! (Especially if it’s orange !)

The good news is that this one is available in stores at the moment, it’s not some limited edition I’m stupidly talking about months after it came out. (eheh)

It’s called Yoga Bomb, it’s bright orange, with a hint of purple showing through and a bit of golden glitter. [read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]

It smells incredibly nice. I’m not going to try and describe it because you know how good I am at this game so just go ahead and sniff it in stores, or better yet, take my word for it 😉

I’d say it’s a quite rich and deep, very Lush-y scent. It’s relaxing and will make the whole bathroom as well as yourself smell great.

When you drop it into warm water it starts to fizz away, and looks like it’s only orange. But after a while it also becomes pink and purple.

The bomb floats around the bathtub creating lovely designs, much like what you can see below.

This in itself is quite delightful and makes the bomb worth it. You just sit back, relax and admire what it creates.

Once it’s completely dissolved, you’re left with deep orange water full of golden glitter. Surprisingly though, you won’t be covered in glitter when you get out.

There will be a bit of glitter residue when you empty the tub but I found that it washed off really easily with just a bit of water. Minimum time and effort for a princess bath.

All in all I really liked the show and the scent. It’s not my favourite bath bomb ever but it’s among the good ones (not that there really are any bad ones tbh ;))

Have you tried it ? What are your thoughts ?


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  • C'est troooop beau !! *-*

  • Do you really think all this clitter & blingbling is needed in order to have a good relaxing bath? In my opinion it is just another useless thing. What is this clitter made of? Does it contain silver? Would you eat it? There is already too much plastic allover ! Please check-out #STOPPPorg

  • Oh oui !

  • You know when you start to question what really is necessary then you stop doing anything besides sleeping, earning money and eating. Pretty boring isn't it ?
    As for the ingredients, Lush are very open about it, go have a read, it's all there !

    I enjoy my bath bombs and if you think they're unnecessary then please don't use one. But that's not a very good argument not to do something.

  • I love Lush and that bath bomb sounds amazing! that MyTreeTV obviously did not do his homework? Lush do not use stuff like plastic etc. anyway …I think there is nothing wrong to have a glittery and colourful bath !

  • It looks so beautiful! I really don't like the fact that there's no bath in the apartment I live in. Whenever I visit my parents I always take one (or two, or three….) baths. Hehe! X

  • This sounds so lovely, I really want to try these bath bombs from Lush already 😀 I tend to take baths a lot more often during colder months, so it's probably a perfect time to try them 🙂

    Thirteen Thoughts

  • That's the type of bath bomb i'd never reach for in Lush but it's nice to see a review on this. I think it's one i'd give a try though 🙂 x

  • I really like the sound of this! I am such a sucker for pamper-y things.. Have you ever made a bathbomb? I'm tempted… Hahaha! X

  • I know, it was quite a surprising comment. There are so many of my articles where this comment would have been a lot more relevant 😛 Oh well.
    There's nothing wrong with treating ourselves to a nice, relaxing, colourful, glittery bath every now and again ^^ Quite the opposite.

  • Definitely ! I was so happy to see the season of baths coming back 😛

  • I'd hate to not have a bathtub. Good thing that your parents have one 😛
    It must make your visits to them more special (and frequent maybe ^^)

  • It doesn't look like much on the outside and quite frankly I wouldn't have picked it up myself either.
    Good thing my bf bought it for me (bless him) <3

  • Made one ? No never. But that's a fab idea ! Another thing we could do together ! We need to meet irl !!!

  • also, asap !