Invisibobble | Tying Your Hair Up With an Old Phone Cable ?

Hello my Bunnies,

Today I’m gonna talk to you about my latest hair discovery, the Invisibobble.

I first was quite skeptical and decided to stay as far away from the buzz it was creating as possible.

But, on a late night, as I was shopping on feelunique (whoops) I caved and ordered a trio of invisibobble. [read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]

At 5.80CHF for 3 you take some time to ponder but curiosity was stronger.

Well. I regret nothing !

I’ll quickly tell you about my hair. It’s quite long (almost to my bum) and fairly straight. My ends are damaged and my roots are greasy. I use way too much dry shampoo and I wash my hair every other day.

As for up-do’s, it’s really simple. It’s untied when it’s clean and up in a messy bun when it’s dirty. That’s it.

*During the summer time they’re almost always up in a bun as I work at the restaurant.

But my hair has a mind of its own and I struggle to keep it up in a bun even when it’s dirty and full of dry shampoo.

So for my hair, I really really like the invisibobble !!! Here’s why :

It keeps my hair up in a bun very efficiently. It stays in place better than it does with several hair ties and pins.

I really feel like it’s a lot more gentle for my hair. There’s no need for metal pins and it even feels more gentle than fabric hair ties.

It’s easier to use than pins and ties. I only need one thing and I can redo my bun in the blink of an eye.

It’s invisible when it’s in my bun. I always struggle with black ties and pins showing through my bun but with this I don’t have a problem. Even though it’s bright pink, you can’t see it.

A few more things you should know :

The shape changes as you use it. Three weeks in and you can see it’s become much bigger, but that’s okay, I just add a turn when needed. I started with 1 and am now at 3.

If you think that it will leave no mark in your hair, it’s a lie ! But it leaves a much softer line than a hair tie would.

I find that hair ties are better for pony tails.

All in all : I find it much better for buns and I’m really happy to have discovered it.

Have you tried it ?