The Blog is One Year Old ! Giveaway !!! – Closed

Hello my Bunnies,

Today is a celebration day ! My blog is one year old !

I can’t believe how quickly it went ! (How cliché of me to say that, but it’s true !)

To thank you all for following me and reading and commenting on my articles and because I want to, I’ve prepared two prizes for you to win. [read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]

The rules on how to participate are down below.

I bought everything myself and only included products that I love. I also tried to buy products that are harder to find in Switzerland.

As there are two prizes, there will be two winners. Don’t forget to tell me whiche prize you’d like to win.

1st prize:

  • Emma Hardie cleansing blam + cleasing cloth – my favourite balm cleanser ! It smells divine and is extremely efficient. It can also be used as an overnight mask.
  • Gosh flower power blush – lovely shade, great pigmentation and good longevity (and it was Fleur’s wedding blusher too :P)
  • Colab extreme volume dry shampoo in the scent Tokyo – to me these are better than Batiste ! This one is more volumising than refreshing but great nonetheless
  • L’Oréal infallible eye shadow in Sahara Treasure – a great all over the lid shade. It makes it look like you put a lot of effort into your makeup when you didn’t. I think they might be getting discontinued and this one is too good not to be shared.
  • Soap&Glory sexy motherpucker gloss stick in Bashful – It smells delicious, is very comfortable to wear and is the perfect MLBB shade (read more about it here)

2nd prize :

  • Emma Hardie cleansing blam + cleasing cloth – my favourite balm cleanser ! It smells divine and is extremely efficient. I can also be used as an overnight mask
  • Makeup Revolution Mermaids VS. Unicorns palette – the quality is surprisingly good and it is a good palette to add a bit of colour to a neutral stash.
  • Colab sheer invisible dry shampoo in Monaco – like I said, better than Batiste ! And this one really smells incredible !
  • L’Oréal collection exclusive in Blake’s red – In my opinion, this is the best red lipstick in terms of shade and formula.
  • Essie mini nail polish in Cute as a Button – Essie nail polishes are great and this shade is one of my favourite !

To participate it is mandatory to :

  1. Be subscribed to my newsletter (top right)
  2. Leave me a nice comment telling me what you like, don’t like or would like to see on my blog, and including your email address (so that I can check that you are subscribed to the newsletter) as well as which prize you want to win.
  3. Live in Switzerland or Europe
  4. Be 18 or over or have your parents/guardian approval to participate

For more chances to win you can

  1. Follow me on some of these social medias (1 chance / media)
    1. Hellocoton
    2. Bloglovin’
    3. Twitter
    4. Instagram
    5. Facebook
  2. Share the giveaway on twitter, facebook or instagram (1 chance / media – only once on each)

*don’t forget to leave your username for each social media as well as the links if you share the giveaway
*I’ll give one extra chance to the ones who were already following me on at least one of the platforms

You have 3 weeks to particpate, that is until the 25th of august at 23:59.
I will use to determine the winners.
I won’t accept entries from accounts created only for giveaways
I will disqualify anyone that I feel is here only for the prize (my blog, my rules. I want to thank my faithful readers !) and anyone whose comment isn’t nice enough 😛
The prizes have already been bought and can’t be changed (I don’t know who’d be rude enough to ask that but bloggers feel like they have to clarify that so I do too)

Accounts who unfollow straight after the end of the giveaway will be banned from any future giveaway (and I’m persistant enough to track them all down !)

I think that is all.

Good luck and thank you for your presence and support !!!

Macha [/read]

  • Hi lovely! Congrats on your first year! Thanks so much for amazing the giveaway 🙂 The products you picked look great! I've been following your blog for quite a while now and I love the way you write. I'd like to see some more of your travel experiences or shopping hauls on here, I always enjoy reading things like that (my latest blogpost covers my travel essentials for long-haul flights). I'd love to win the first prize, that blush looks lovely and I'm a fan of the sexy mother puckers 😉

    Have a lovely day!


  • Thank you =)
    I take notes of what you'd like to see and you're officially entered in the giveaway. Everything's clear 😉

  • This is so exciting! Happy Blogday! 😀 haha!
    You write beautifully so I wouldn't worry about that! I love your product swatches and reviews, definitely more of them! Also some kind of "follow me around" time posts where who share pictures and thoughts on your day…could be cool haha I'm not sure! 🙂
    Oohhh..those prizes…you had me at sexy mother pucker! My more favorite gloss ever! 😀
    Good luck! Xx

  • Yaaaaaaay!
    It's your blog's birthday! Congratulations! I realize now that we didn't even have a birthday party! (That's definitely a must do!)
    Thanks for your awesome work dearest! Your blog regroups so many things I like: Bunnies, makeup and… YOU, of course! =)
    Have a wonderful day full of sparkles and unicorns! <3

  • I take notes of your suggestions. I'll see if I can find a day that's interesting enough to do that 😉
    Good luck for the giveaway =)

  • Almost on time 😉 That's okay, you're still part of the giveaway, you crazy llama ! <3