The 3 Lipsticks That Made Me Forget the Rest of My Collection

Hello my Bunnies,

I’m back after another forced break. I got quite sick at the end of last week and now that I’m feeling less feverish I’m trying my best to post from my bed.

Today I want to talk to you about the last three lipsticks I bought, and that made me forget the rest of my collection, because they’re so good ! [read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]

I know that they look very similar both in colour and formula, but they’re the kind of lipstick I love and wear most of the time. #boooring

They are still slightly different from one another so let me explain why I like them.

(I’m sorry for the picture quality. The colours changed when I uploaded them and they should look a lot brighter and less grey-ish than they do. I’ll try and fix but I’m not sure how to. Grrrr)

The first one is Julianne’s Nude from the Collection Exclusive by L’Oréal and I bought this because of this article on Holly’s blog. It’s a pinky nude.

I quite like that it smells like old-fashioned makeup, though I know some of you will hate that.

The formula is creamy, the colour is easy to wear and gorgeous. There’s only one little thing that might bug me, it’s that it tends to make dry skin more obvious. It is a little thing because you can’t see it if you don’t look too closely but it might be a problem for those with very dry lips.

The second one is the Clinique Nude Pop. This one is a tad paler and is a slightly orangey nude.

Once again the formula is very comfortable and creamy, the colour is also beautiful with tiny specks of silver glitter and if it probably wouldn’t work on very dry lips, it looks great on healthy or slightly dry lips.

And finally, the third one is MAC Syrup. It’s my favourite of the three. I like the simplicity of the packaging, the delicious scent of vanilla and the fact that the colour is slightly darker than the other two.

I’d say that Syrup is a nude version of Mac Plumful if that’s any help. It’s the same kind of colour, except, toned down.

And when it comes to dry skin on your lips, this one is an absolute winner. I don’t know how it does it but it hides it !

You may wonder what my obsession with dry lips is, but it’s my main concern regarding my lips. And as I just was sick, it is a bit worse at the moment.

clinique – mac – l’oréal

So there you go. All in all I really love these lipsticks for their simplicity. They’re easy to wear, easy to apply both in terms of colour and formula. They’re efficient and simple.

So yes, given their creamy texture they’re not the longest lasting lippies but they’re so easy to reapply that it’s not a problem.

If I really had to pick one, I’d go for MAC Syrup for it’s delicious scent, slightly deeper colour and the fact that it can be worn on dry lips. But they’re all great !

Do you know any of them ? Are you more of a bright or nude lip girl ?

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  • Can fully relate to this post, when it comes to lipsticks i'm such a basic girl. I'm a lover of a good nude lip. My go-to one is 'Brave' by M.A.C which looks a little similar to syrup x

  • I'll go and swatch brave and syrup side by side. thanks for the recommendation =)