Mascara Cycle Round-Up #3

Hello my Bunnies,

Today I’m back with another edition of the mascara cycle. You can find the previous ones here, and here.

This time you’ll find 3 waterproof formulas due to the hot summer we’re having and the fourth one is almost as good as a waterproof.
Out of the 4 reviewed here I would repurchase two and leave to other two on the shelves.

But enough with the intro, let’s get into the how and why in words and pictures. [read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]

Maybelline – The Rocket – Waterproof

The first thing that comes to my mind is: gigantic brush ! With very small plastic bristles.
Once you get used to handling this monster, the results are quite nice regarding volume, length and definition.
It lasts well (like any good waterproof formula) and isn’t a nightmare to remove.
Result wise I have nothing bad to say about this mascara but I find the brush to be a bit too big so I won’t repurchase it.
It’s good but it’s not extraordinary and that’s why I won’t be repurchasing it.

Helena Rubinstein – Lash Queen Sexy Blacks – Waterproof

Helena Rubinstein are known for their brilliant mascara and this one is no exception.
It has a nice traditional brush shaped like an hourglass that is very comfortable to use. Even though I’m not too sure what the shape is good for.
However it isn’t perfect as it can clump lashes together (see picture) if you’re not careful enough.
But the main problem with this one, and the reason why I won’t be repurchasing it is because it is a nightmare to get off !
My Emma Hardie balm and Una Brennan cleansing oil can’t get rid off it. It is essential to use pure oil (like olive oil) or one of these duo makeup remover if you want to take it all off.
I don’t particularly enjoy fighting with my mascara at night so I won’t be repurchasing this one either.

Maybelline – Lash Sensational

My favourite of the bunch and one of my favourite mascara ever !
The results are exactly what I’m looking for in terms of volume, length and curl.
You can see on the picture that the base is quite thick and intense and it gets more pointy and defined towards the end without looking spidery.
I’ve heard people say that it gave too intense results for their liking and indeed if you’re looking for a somewhat natural result this probably isn’t the right mascara for you.
This mascara isn’t waterproof but lasts almost as well as a waterproof mascara. I went swimming with it and when I got out of the water my mascara was still on point. It isn’t as hard to take off as a waterproof mascara but it is slightly harder to remove than your average mascara.
I give it 5/5 !

Revlon – Grow Luscious – Waterproof

I believe I’ve mentioned before that Revlon do great waterproof formulas and this one is no exception. (You can read more about the Lash Elixir here
Their waterproof formulas last very well and if they decide to come off, they do so very discreetly without leaving a trace.
If it does come off, it will sort of disappear without feeling like it has to turn you into a panda.
Edit : How could I forget ?! What’s great with this mascara is that you can take it off with your usual face cleanser (if it doesn’t sting the eyes.) At the moment I’m using the Reficis Cleasing Gel and it takes every last scrap of black off my eyes ! It’s incredible !
This one has a traditional brush which is really good though quite big (but won’t stab you in the eye like – yes I’m looking at you They’re Real !)
I will buy this mascara again when I need a waterproof formula, that’s for sure !

And here’s a little overview in picture.

What about you, what is your favourite / least favourite mascara at the moment ?

Macha [/read]

  • Wow the difference between the effects of the four mascaras on your lashes is amazing! I'm still in love with the Clinique High Impact 🙂 We should still grab a coffee or go shopping or something 🙂

  • We definitely do !!!
    When do you have time ? I'll try and work around it =)

  • I'll be in Canada till September but after that I'm free on weekends 🙂 Except for the day I'm moving house. Would you like to come to Zurich?

  • I'd love to ! Let me know when you're back =)