Lush Diary #4 | Unicorn Horn | Valentines Day Collection

Hello my Bunnies,

Today is the day for another Lush Diary edition. As I’ve been sick, I’ve taken a bit of time for myself and this could only end up with me in a bathtub. This time though, no more of the boring white bath bombs.

If you want to read the previous editions of the Lush Diary, you can find them herehere and here.

But the last bath I had was with a Unicorn Horn. Don’t you worry, no unicorn was hurt though !

Unicorn Horn is the name of a limited edition bubble bar that I picked during my february trip to London. (more…)

And the Winners are …

So my Bunnies, the giveaway is now closed and chose the winners.

I’m not going to keep the suspense any longer so: (more…)

The 3 Lipsticks That Made Me Forget the Rest of My Collection

Hello my Bunnies,

I’m back after another forced break. I got quite sick at the end of last week and now that I’m feeling less feverish I’m trying my best to post from my bed.

Today I want to talk to you about the last three lipsticks I bought, and that made me forget the rest of my collection, because they’re so good ! (more…)

Philip Kingsley Takes Bloody Good Care of My Hair !

Philip Kinglsey makes my hair, soft, sleek, shiny, silky, frizz-free amongst other nice things.

Hello my Bunnies,

Today I want to talk to you about a couple of hair masks that first left me feeling a bit “meh” but that quickly conquered my (hair’s) heart.

It is the famous Philip Kingsley Elasticizer (ici) and the Philip Kingsley Stimulation Scalp Mask (here).

I decided to buy the Elasticizer when I heard someone say they didn’t like it because it was too nourishing. I was looking at my hair and thought that nothing could be too nourishing for it. (more…)

Lush Diary #3 | May Day

Hello my Bunnies,

Today I’m here for another installment of the Lush Diary. If you’re new around here, you can check the previous ones here and here.

Today’s ballistic is a limited edition that may even have been exclusive to the UK. So probably not the most useful one but I want to talk to you about every single bath bomb I use and you might still have one hanging in your drawer or they might bring it back next year.

You may have seen this one in my last lush haul (here) it is the May Day bath bomb and has the shape of a badger. (more…)