Yes, I Do Love Makeup ! So What ?

Hello my bunnies,

Today I have a slightly different kind of post for you all. It is a reaction to Nikkie‘s video (this one) that has already been viewed more than 19 million times as we speak.

You’ve probably heard of it already, Nikkie made a video where she only applies makeup to half her face to show the power of makeup but also to denounce the way people judge girls who wear makeup. She reproaches people for thinking that we only apply makeup for three reasons.

1. lack of self-esteem
2. to please boys
3. because we don’t like ourselves

I’ll admit it, I don’t like telling people that I like makeup but to be honest I don’t feel connected to any of these reasons. So here’s my take on Nikkie’s idea. [read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]

I don’t like telling people that I like makeup (beyond reason) because I feel like they’re going to think that I’m shallow and that they’re going to reduce me to this (Macha. Who ? You know, the “girl who loves makeup”. Oh her, yeah I see)

But makeup isn’t who I am. I doesn’t define me ! Yes, I do like it but I also like to read, to climb and to cook, I like wearing old jeans and dirty converse sneakers.

The fact that I enjoy makeup doesn’t mean that it’s all I am. Like everybody else, I’m a human being made up of many different things.

A few months ago, I started reading Sali Hughes‘ book, Pretty Honest and by the introduction I already knew that this girl was amazing and that she got me !

I’ll insert a few quotes from said introduction down below. They’re the main reasons why I wanted to take part in this movement that Nikkie started and also why this book hasn’t left my nightstand ever since it landed on my doorstep.

“Because when I’ve got my make-up on, I’m always ready.”

“I believe looking good to be an important and valid pursuit. All too often, women with an interest in their appearance are assumed to be stupid, shallow or unintelligent. Even traitors to feminism.”

“I believe it’s perfectly normal to love both lipstick and literature

“To me, deciding to be vampy one day, classic ingénue the next, painted Madonna on a Saturday night and bare-faced Joni Mitchell on a Sunday morning, is exactly what feminism is about: freedom.”

“I wear makeup chiefly for myself and apart from making me look better (I don’t care who you are, everyone is improved by a little concealer and blush) and giving me confidence, it makes me happy.”

“During the best of times, we put on our face like armour, ready for whatever the day throws at us.”

“When we’ve lost a job, are going through a divorce, are grieving a loved one (…) we literally paint on a brave face.”

“Beauty rituals can become so much more than simple grooming – they can become a therapy in themselves.”

So to the men (and women) who silently judge me when I put my makeup on on the train or who dare talk to me to say “why do you do this ? you look pretty without it too you know ? your acne is gonna go away and everybody knows that,” I say : What’s it to you if I put makeup on ?! Do I have to stop myself from wearing makeup in the name of freedom ? (sarcasm, sarcasm, …) Did you ever stop to think that I might enjoy it ?

That’s what liberty is and that’s what feminism is. To be in a position to choose ! I believe that it’s just as important to be able not to wear makeup as it is to be able to wear makeup.

In our society where a girl who doesn’t wear makeup is slovenly and a girl who wears makeup is shallow, it’s hard to do the right thing. What I’m asking is for each girl to be able to do whatever she pleases ! And you can put your stupid judgment right back where it came from.

I put makeup on because I like the slightly made up version of myself better (is that such a crime ?), it boosts my confidence and sometimes I go all out because makeup allows me to express my creativity. I can’t draw or paint and I don’t play music but give me a palette and brushes and I’ll be able to paint my face for hours.

As to my left-half, imperfect as it is, I like it too and if I have to go out bare-faced, I won’t make a scene (but don’t come crying to me if I scare you …)

So yes, I do like makeup, because I like myself better with a hint of mascara and a touch of foundation. Because makeup helps me deal with life’s challenges and is a part of my ritual to get ready for anything. But also because I have fun when I do it and this, in itself, makes me happy !

And then I’ll go back to reading Shakespeare because I’m not just a shallow idiot.

This post turned into a bit of a rant, it wasn’t planned. But I hope you liked it anyway !

What about you, how do you see makeup ?