The Balm Voyage Vol. II | Review + 2 looks

Hello my Bunnies,

I’m writing to you from Scotland where said-animals are a-plenty. Today I want to talk to you about the Le Balm Voyage Vol. II palette from  The Balm cosmetics that I won in a Cosmetic Obsession giveaway (thank you Laura !!!)

As I was leaving for my holiday not long after the giveaway I decided to take the palette with me along with my S&G archery, S&G One Heck of a Blot powder, a revlon mascara and two RT brushes (the blush brush and the base shadow brush) [read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]

At first, I found this palette a bit scary as it doesn’t include a lot of very neutral shades like the ones I usually go for. However I quickly found out that I just had to get used to it and I already created two looks that I really like (see below)

The first thing I tested was the bronzer and I gasped a little when I realised that I had just drawn a massive brown line on my cheek.

1st discovery : The cheek powders are very pigmented !

I then took my brush and tried to blend everything.

2nd discovery : The cheek powders are extremely easy to blend !

That was even before I left for my holiday.

You should know that I’m spending my holiday in the scottish country side where I spend most of my time in the forest. I therefore wear very little makeup.

However, for the sake of this review I did take some time before my morning walk to slap on some makeup and that’s when I made some more discoveries.

3rd discovery : The eye shadows are very easy to use !

There are quite a few to choose from in terms of colours and finishes (2 mat, 5 shimmery, 2 glittery) even if I find that there might be a neutral brown missing (to use in the crease, as a transition shade) but, once more, it was good, it made me become more creative.

4th disovery : The eye shadows last very well, even without a primer !

I tried with and without the UD primer and on my lids, it lasted all day in both cases. It wears off a little throughout the day but it doesn’t crease. It fades very evenly.

5th discovery : The cream blushers look amazing on the cheeks but horrible on my lips !

My dry lips are at it again. I find these to be too dry and too thick and on my lips it looks really bad.

However, it looks great on the cheeks. They have a very natural finish and can easily be applied with the fingers.

As for the two looks created, here they come. I didn’t take photos for every step as they are very easy.

1st look :

Welcome all over the lid
Bienvenue in the centre of the lid
Välkommen in the crease and outer corner

The pinky, purply shade and gold glitter and shimmer work particularly well with green eyes !

2nd look :

Welcome all over the lid

Tervetuloa in the crease and outer corner
Benvenuto in the middle of the lid, close to the lash line
Fàilte very little in the outer corner to give the look more depth

I’m also wearing the highlighter on my cheekbones, browbone and innder corner, as well as the cream blush Bem-Vindo and the bronzer. But you can’t really see it on the picture.

I look a bit weird but I’m on holiday, I don’t have all of my material and I’ll just assume that’s the reason why.

All in all, I absolutely love this palette and I find it perfect to take on holiday. It makes for a very light makeup bag.

Thanks again Laura for the great discovery !!!

You can find this palette on Cosmetics Obsession’s webiste, here, for 46CHF. Amongst many other The Balm products.

Have you tried it ? Do you wear makeup in the summer ?


  • Such a good read! The looks you've created are beautiful 🙂 I do wear makeup in summer but only very lightweight formulas, my skin looks better in summer than in winter…

  • Oooooh thank you !
    Lucky you !!! My skin always looks terrible ^^

  • What a wonderful, witty review. I've been debating over this palette. Thank you so much for this!

  • Reetuparna Saha

    Very nicely reviewed..

    • Thank you so much ! It means a lot =)