Happy Rediscovery | Avène Couvrance Correcteur de Teint

Hello my Bunnies,

I have a bunch of excuses as to why I haven’t been around lately but the truth is, I just failed at managing my time properly. I promise I’ll do my best in the future (also I have about 15’000 posts waiting to be written.)

Today I want to talk to you about a rediscovery I made about a week ago. It’s the Avène compact cream foundation.

Usually, just looking at a cream foundation I already feel like my face is all cakey and sticky and not very natural looking. But with this one, it’s completely different. [read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]

I used to use this foundation a lot when I was about 15. I would use the sponge that comes with it, and drown my face in the product in a vain attempt to hide my acne. I’m pretty sure that you could have drawn on my face with your fingers, it was so thick.

Fortunately I ended up realising that it wasn’t the best look and moved on to something else.

I then got one as a gift from my aunt a couple of months ago, but remembering my teenage years decided to forget it at the bottom of my drawer instead of using it.

But one day, as I was looking for a different foundation, I stumbled upon this one and as my hormones were acting up I decided to give it another go.

This time I waved goodbye to the sponge and welcomed my trustee brushes with open arms (I sadly didn’t realise there were such things as brushes when I was 15.) That’s when things got a lot (a lot !) better !

Above you can see my right cheek with all my scars (and a few pimples) and below is my left cheek skilfully improved by my expert hands that Avène foundation and my RT buffing brush.

As you can see, it makes a big difference ! What’s more is that despite having applied two coats of the stuff, my skin still looks like skin, the coverage is more than decent and quite frankly I wouldn’t want more as I don’t mind my imperfections showing a little.

Here’s why I really like this foundation :

  • when applied with a brush, it isn’t heavy at all
  • the coverage is buildable from very light to medium-full (with a dampened beauty blender for instance)
  • it has an spf of 30 (who wouldn’t want that in the summer ?!)
  • I can wear it even when it’s 36°C outside and it won’t feel too thick
  • It doesn’t look cakey (when applied properly with a brush)
  • the lasting power is good without being out of this world (very average I’d say)
  • it doesn’t break me out

… and the best thing is: I don’t even have the right one for my skin type. The one I use is for dry to very dry skin (I have very oily skin) so I can’t imagine how good the one for normal to combination skin must be !
So … onto the list it goes until the end of my no-buy !

Do you know this product ? Love it ? Hate it ? Tempted ?