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Hello my Bunnies 🙂

I have been tagged by Roberta from Réglisse & Myrtille to do the Real Neat Blog Award Tag (you can read hers here) and I quite liked the questions so I decided to give it a go.

hank you Roberta for tagging me, I hope you (and all of you too) enjoy what you see 🙂 [read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]

Who knows that you have a blog ? Family, friends, coworkers ? What do they think about it ?

Most of my close friends and family members know that I have a blog.
At first I didn’t like talking about it but now I got used to it and I accept sharing this part of my life.
As to what they think about it, … I don’t like talking in their name but I think that most of them aren’t really interested in beauty products (at least not as much as I am).
However, a lot of them think that it’ll help me for my future one way or another as I don’t know what I’m going to do with my life. Even if in the end, it might have nothing to do with the blogosphere.

Sweets or chocolate ?

Chocolate. All day, everyday. I’m swiss after all. What did you expect ?

What are your favourite websites to order makeup ?

I used to order absolutely everything from Feelunique because they have almost everything I could possibly want and free delivery worlwide. I also like Beautybay for the same reasons (however be careful not to spend over 62CHF because of the import taxes.)
But I recently discovered Cosmetics Obsession, House of Makeup, eBeauty and Care and Charme Up that are all swiss based, have very quick service and competitive prices.

Do you have any tatoos ? Tell us more !

I don’t have any tatto and I’m not planning on getting one. This isn’t really something I like.

Do you collect anything ?

No, not really. I guess you could say that I collect makeup (I’m pretty good at it, if I do say so myself…) And I also have a jar full of 5 cent coins, like most people.

What’s your favourite beauty product ? And the one you don’t have ?

In general, I really like blushers and lipsticks. They’re my favourite to buy, (as well as palettes) look at and use.

The one I couldn’t live without would be mascara. Because of my invisible lashes.

The one that I’m always going to repurchase, Alpha H liquid Gold. It really does wonders for my skin. (you can find my full review here.

The one thing I don’t have but that many people own is an eyelash curler. I’m lucky enough to have naturally curly lashes but they’re also really short and if I do curl them they end up looking even shorter.

What were your first makeup products ?

I’ve been wearing mascara for a really really long time (I started with a dark blue one from Covergirl) as my lashes are blond, almost invisible.

When I started to have blemishes in my teenage years I introduced foundation and powder into my routine (the Catrice version of the maybelline mousse foundation I believe.)

Then, there were the inevitable baby blue and pastel purple eyeshadows. (Seriously, who didn’t ?)

Oh … it’s the end already…

Did you learn something interesting ? Surprised by my answers ?

Now it’s my turn to ask the questions and to tag people =)

My questions are :

1. Dramatic scenario : your whole makeup collection disappears. What are the 10 product that you’re going to repurchase ?
2. What’s one makeup trick you’d like to master but don’t really yet ?
3. According to you, what would be THE social media platform to promote a blog ?
4. Whose makeup collection makes you jealous ?
5. What’s one of your essential beauty ritual that doesn’t involve a beauty product ?
6. What’s the skincare product that you’d recommend the most ?
7. Where do you see you and your blog 5 years from now ?

And I tag:
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I hope that you enjoyed this TAG and that my dear tagged will enjoy replying to my questions. I can’t wait to read your answers !


  • This is interesting!


  • Thanks for tagging me and of course I have enough time to do the tag now 😉 I don't own an eyelash curler either and I was surprised that mascara was the first beauty product you owned. You questions are great, I'm looking forward to answering them 🙂


  • thx =)

  • What was your first makeup product ?
    I didn't have a choice, it was (and still is) essential to make me look awake ^^