My First Dip into the Korean Beauty Pool | I think I’m hooked

Never judge a book by its cover, they said.

Well, when one is looking at Korean beauty bit this is awfully hard to do ! Trust me.

I’ve never tried Korean cosmetics nor any other Asian beauty bits so that’s why I caved this week and ordered a few things from Laetitia‘s website eBeauty and Care.

First off, I have to say that her website looks lovely and that the quality of service is spectacular. I placed my order on Tuesday afternoon and was already enjoying my products on Thursday.

So if you’re looking to buy reasonably priced Korean beauty products from Switzerland I highly recommend you go and check out her website ! [read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]

Edit: You can now enjoy 10% off all your orders by using the code FEATHERSANDBRUSHES

As the products look so good and I haven’t tried them yet this is going to be a very picture-heavy post. Reviews will come later 🙂

I wasn’t quite sure what to pick when I landed on her website so I started by browsing among the Bestsellers where I picked up this Dear Girls oil control pact from Etude House.

As you may know, I’m hooked on the Soap&Glory One heck of a blot powder but I’m still trying to find a new one and I thought this one looked promising.

I must say that the look of the box and of the compact did play a big role in my choosing this product but I also feel like Asian girls know how to take care of oily skin (that’s where blotting paper comes from, right ?)

That’s a lot of pictures for just one powder but as you can see, it looks amazing down to the smallest details.

So much so that I’m not sure I’m ever gonna be able to use it… 😛

The second thing I picked up while browsing the blemish-prone skin section of the website. It is a pineapple peeling gel from Skin Food.

I’ve been so good with my shopping (until now that is…) that I actually only own one scrub at the moment and it’s almost empty.

I can’t wait to report back on this one.

This last thing I picked up because I saw Laetitia talk about it on her blog several times and really wanted to give it a go.

It is the Nature Republic By Flower triple volume tint in the shade #02 Daisy. It is a very natural shade, a slightly pinkier version of my lip colour, perfect for everyday wear.

I actually applied this one just for the pictures and not only does it look good it also smells heavenly ! Just like strawberries. And I mean actual strawberries, not fake strawberries.

So that’s my haul for this time. But I’m probably going to order again from Laetitia’s website as I enjoyed it so much 🙂

Have you tried any Korean beauty bits ? What would you recommend ?


  • Hi! Nice Haul! I'm looking forward to reading your reviews! I've bought a few products too and I am so happy with them! Love!

  • okay, I wrote a big comment and it didn't make it!! 🙁 Thanks so much for the lovely haul! I am so happy that your first "touch" with korean cosmetics is positive! I have to say that it was also hard for me to start the Dear Girls Oil Control Pact. Such a cute product…. And you know how much I love birds… But it's a really nice product. The Triple Volume Tint in the Daisy shade is such a basic for me now. It's funny because I think it looks differently on your lips, but still look so pretty!! Thanks for the sharing and feedback!

  • oooh the products look lovely <3 I hope you like them

  • It's awful when it happens. Sometime I accidentally close the page and then hate myself a lot 😛
    Maybe the tint looks different on me because I didn't blot it and took the picture straight after applying it … I also thought it looked different from your pictures … odd.
    I can't wait to try them properly ! (haven't had time yet with my essays and all =( )

  • Well Hello =) Fancy seeing you on the english side 😉
    What did you get ? I'll be sure to post my reviews asap.

  • Don't they ?! *-*
    So do I. I actually haven't even had a chance to try them out properly…