Lush Diary #1 | Butterbear | Christmas Collection

Hello my Bunnies,

Today I want to introduce a new series that is going to take place on the blog.

The idea is to go on with my usual posting schedule (i.e: about twice a week) but to add numbers of the “Lush Diary” whenever appropriate (probably more often in winter than summer…)

So what is this Lush Diary ? Well it’s very simple. The Lush Diary will consist of very brief reviews of bath bombs, bubble bars, bath melts and bath oils from Lush as I use them.

And now … It’s on !

As it’s the end of the semester, I’m working for uni quite a bit but I’m still trying to keep a somewhat normal life.

That’s why after I woke up early to go for a run, I decided to reward myself with a little bath to relax my muscles.

In order to do that, I picked up the Butterbear bath bomb.

Sadly mine was beheaded. It probably didn’t enjoy the journey from London very much. (You can see it intact here though.)

Butterbear is simply a bear shaped version of Butterball. Maybe with an added hint of vanilla but I’m not too sure.

I love how cute it looks used to look with its little round belly *-* (yeah now that it’s beheaded its cuteness may be compromised…)

Once in the water, this bath bomb is by no mean spectacular. It doesn’t turn your water bright purple, and it doesn’t crackle or create multicoloured swirls as it melts.

But it’s still one of my favourite ones ! And probably the one I repurchased the most !

I really like its soft cocoa butter scent with a hint of vanilla, but what I like the most about it is that it contains little bits of cocoa butter that melt in the water. This means that when you get out of the bath your skin is incredibly soft and hydrated.

So that’s it for this mini review and this amazing, soft smelling bath bomb that’ll leave you with baby soft skin.

Have you tried it ?


  • I know right. It made me sad too !
    I'm glad you like the idea. I actually can't wait for my next bath ^^