Downsizing | My 5 Day Trip to London

It has been a long time since I admitted to myself that I wasn’t a very practical traveller. I always want to have everything with me.

For years I was traveling with full-size products and it was taking up a lot of space in my bag.

For a couple of years I’ve been trying to travel with nothing but minis.

Since last week, after reading this article from Roberta (it’s in french) I try to travel with minis AND samples. [read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]

The good thing with samples is that they take even less room, you’re more likely to finish them and they probably were free.

I’ll be in London this week and I tried to bring all the steps in my routine with me without needing 3 suitcases.

In order to do that as efficiently as possible there are a couple of steps that you should start doing a few weeks before you leave.

1. Go around the pharmacies, a lot of them have free samples hanging around in the aisles (in Switzerland anyway) that you can just pick up.

2. Observe your habits for a few days before leaving. Try and measure how much product you use so that you know exactly how much you’ll need and you won’t waste product if you decant. For instance you can count how many pumps of cleanser you use everyday and put just the right amount in a small container.

So I’m going to show you what I took with me for 5 days in London.

*For each product I’ll try and tell you where it comes from.

In this washbag I have everything I need for skin, body and hair care.

I found these Eucerin samples in my local pharmacy. Each of them contains a day cream, a night cream and a cleanser. It should be enough for 5 days.

I still took another cleanser, this one I got from Kiehl’s when I went for a skin consultation once. Just in case.

In the evening I like to take my makeup off before cleansing so I took a micellar water that I bought from Sephora last time I was in Spain.

I took a mini bottle of tea tree oil that I bought from superdrug in case my skin reacts badly to the traveling and my effaclar duo+ to prevent break-outs that I think I got in the aisles of boots once.

I also took some sun block from la roche posay but I really don’t remember where I have it from.

I have a few mask samples from Kiehl’s but let’s be honest, I’m not going to take the time to apply a face mask so I’m leaving these at home.

My shampoo and conditioner I found in the pharmacy in Neuchâtel’s train station and I can’t wait to try them after reading Charlotte’s review.

The shower gel comes from a hotel room in France a few years back.

I always keep my mini bottle of morocanoil that I refill every time to treat my dry ends and I also took a mini bottle of Nuxe huile prodigieuse in case I get dry skin on my body.

My deodorant is a full size because it is already quite hard to find aluminum-free deodorant and it’s even harder to find mini aluminum-free deodorants.

Finally, to be able to wash my hair less often, I took my colab dry shampoo that I bought from feelunique and I also added a mini hand cream from l’Occitane that I got in a my little box.

The second bag is even smaller and contains all my makeup.

The strategy here is a bit different as samples and minis are a lot harder to find. So I either took products that I fully trust or products that I haven’t use in a really long time. I also tried to take the smallest packaging possible.

I managed to take only 3 brushes which I’m quite proud of.

I took my expert face brush (RT) to apply my foundation (bourjois 1,2,3, perfect) and my concealer (collection lasting perfection concealer.)

I also took my blush brush (RT) to apply my powder (S&G one heck of a blot) my bronzer and my highlighter (sleek contour kit.)

*Yes, I can apply all 3 products with the same brush =)

For blusher I took the bourjois cream blush in the shade 01 that I’ll apply with my fingers.

For eye makeup I took an eyshadow quad (Revlon in decadent) and no base because I want to buy the maybelline colour tattoo in on an on bronze when I arrive. I took my base shadow brush (RT) to apply it.

I like this quad because I think that it’ll allow me to create 2-3 different looks.

I took a nude coloured pencil (rimmel) to put on my waterline as my eyes tend to get a bit red when I travel and my mascara is an Estée Lauder sample.

For my brows I took a brow pencil that comes with a spoolie (S&G) and only one lipstick (rimmel moisture renew in vintage pink) that I wore almost every day last week.

So here are a few swatches of the products I’m taking with me.

I hope that you liked this article !

What are your travel essentials ?


  • These are lovely I love the eyeshadow shades

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  • Thanks for sharing! This gives me ideas.I always pack waaayyy too much and I do think a large part of it is travelling with full size products and not taking products that can either be multi-use or are all in one palette. I love palettes like the Makeup Revolution Euphoria palettes as they have eyeshadow, blusher and highlighter all in one x

    Ornella || euhnella

  • They're surprisingly good too considering the price tag…

  • The palettes that have everything in them are brilliant ! Sadly I haven't found one that I really really like yet. I'll check out the MUR ones then 🙂 Thanks !