TMI | The Menstrual Cup is The

screenshot from madmoizelle’s video (see below)

Today I want to talk to you about another one of these subjects that are less often addressed.
Last time I talked to you about deodorants (here), today I want to talk about periods.

It’s another one of these subjects that aren’t talked about because it’s a bit embarrassing but like I said last time, it’s also a subject on which it’s important to have information and some of us don’t have mothers or sisters they can talk to.

Some of you may have heard of the menstrual cup some of you may not.

As you can see on the picture above it’s a soft plastic “contraption” that goes inside of you and collects the period blood.

It is a bit scary at first I’ll admit but it’s the best thing that happened to women during that time of the month since chocolate !!!

It’s so good that for the first few months I was almost impatient to have my periods (and I know I’m not the only one ;))

So what is it ? How does it work ? Does it hurt ?

Like I said, it’s a little plastic cup (usually made out of silicon but there are also some silicon-free version for those allergic to silicon) that you fold on itself and place inside your vagina. It can stay there for 12 hours and it will collect the blood. You can forget all about it, all day long, you don’t feel it and it doesn’t require any attention whatsoever ! After 12 hours you take it out, empty it, rinse it and put it back in.

At the end of your periods, you boil it in water for a while to clean it properly and that’s it.

I’ve been using mine since december and I wouldn’t even dream of going back to tampons.

Sure, at first it can be a little tricky to insert and take out, but I found that you get used to it very quickly (also you can practice when you’re not on your periods.)

It does also mean that you have to be very comfortable with your own body as you have to insert it yourself and you might get blood on your hands every now and again.

But that’s all the disadvantages I can think of and quite frankly if it means that I can go about my day and not worry about having to change my tampon then I can definitely live with it.

Apart from being a lot more convenient and comfortable than tampons it’s also good economically and ecologically.

You only have to buy one (it’s a bit of an investment at first) and you can keep it for about 3-5 years. Which means that you only spend money once and it also mean a lot less waste.

You guessed it, I’m completely sold.

I bought mine in an organic shop, the first I walked in.

Have you heard of it ? Already using it ? Convinced or repulsed ? 😉


Here’s a couple of videos, one in english that compare tampons and cups (though she prefers tampons)
and this one which sadly is in french but it’s hilarious and it tells you everything about the cup. There also are plenty of videos on the subject on youtube.

  • Thanks for sharing, I've actually necer heard of anything like this before – it's very interesting

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  • Après avoir regardée cette vidéo je suis convaincu! Haha I've been thinking about it for awhile, but then I have loads of little questions like "but what if it falls out? what if it leaks? Are they sure it's comfortable?"

    I think one of these days I'm going to have to take the plunge and go for it – who doesn't want to save money on tampons?? Thanks for sharing. I think we as women won't get more comfortable about our bodies and things like periods if we don't talk about it.

    Ornella @ euhnella

  • Never heard of this before! It sounds scary but very interesting. Maybe I have to watch the video, I'm not really convinced yet 😉


  • I would definitely recommend it !

  • Well if you try it you'll see for yourself that it cannot (!) fall out 😛 and it doesn't leek unless it's completely full, which doesn't happen if you change it every 12 hours.
    As for comfort, I feel like it's just like a tampon, i.e.: I don't feel it at all.
    But I understand that it is a bit scary and I was once skeptical about it too ^^

  • It does sound scary. I was very skeptical at first but one of my friend was so happy with hers that I just had to give it a go. And I wasn't disappointed !
    I have nothing bad to say about it really.