Hand Scrubs | What, Why & For Whom ?

Hello 🙂

Today I want to talk to you about a beauty ritual that is almost absent from the whole beauty scene (at least very few talk about it.)

If I start talking about hand scrub I feel like there are going to be two kinds of reaction : the skeptical ones who don’t see the point and the enthusiasts who are already convinced or wondering where they can go and buy it.

I feel like it’s a product that few of us own or use, about which we don’t really talk and that is quite rare on the market.

I do have one (what a gorgeous packaging by the way) that I got as a gift and I tried several at beauty counters (for instance in the aisles of manor.)

So, the difference with your average body scrub is that a hand scrub is more abrasive, the grains tend to be bigger and more efficient as the skin on our hands is not as delicate.

Mine has a really “greasy” texture with quite big grains that once rinsed leaves a nourishing film on the hands (like hand cream but more intense.)

I got it about two years ago and have used it 2-3 times since. On the one hand because I didn’t think about it but also because I didn’t really feel the need to use a product like that.

But ! Everything changed a few months ago when I started to go climbing more often and the magnesia (the white powder that athletes use to keep their hands moisture free – very drying) combined with the really aggressive surfaces of the climbing walls left my hands very damaged. #crocodileskin

I was therefore left with very dry hands and even flaky skin on my finger tips and I found that this candy scented scrub from Akyado was amazing at making my lizard hands look human again.

The scrubby bits help me get rid off flaky skin and the greasy base is brilliant for nourishing the skin at the same time. After the whole process I’m left once again with very soft hands which is very comfortable.

So I’d say that a hand scrub is by far not a must in your bathroom cabinet. For usual hand care a body scrub is enough. However, if you do something in your everyday life that leaves your hands in serious need of TLC then hand scrubs are the way to go.

What are your thoughts on hand scrubs ?


  • I love my FoM London hand scrub! I have very sensitive, dry hands and find that using a scrub regularly keeps them in better shape. xxx
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  • I've never tried this brand but I love the look of their products <3