My Take on the “5 Product Face” | No Tools

Hello my Bunnies,

As my last tutorial post was really high maintenance, I though that this time I would go really minimal with a classic “5 Product Face”.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to decide what to take and what to leave until I thought to start with the essentials.

I can’t do without mascara (hello invisible blond lashes), foundation (dear acne scars) or powder (oily skin problem).

That already left me with only two products to choose. (more…)

The Best Liquid Lipsticks ? Yes, but …

Hello everybody 🙂

Today I want to talk to you about some liquid lipsticks that I had completely forgotten but that I was reminded of by one of Cheryl’s from Swissbeautytalk post. They’re the L’Oréal Shine Caresse. (more…)

A Scarlett Johansson Inspired Make-Up Look | Tutorial

Hello Everybody =)

I’m back today with another tutorial. I got the idea for this makeup look while I was watching this video of Scarlett Johansson playing “box of lies” with Jimmy Fallon. It made me want to create a makeup look full of glitter.

Unfortunately, my camera doesn’t like to take glitter in pictures so by looking at the picture we don’t realise how glittery the whole look is. But trust me, it is really glittery !

This isn’t one of those 5 product face type of makeup nor is it a 3 minute look. It takes time and a lot of products ! But sometimes I enjoy those as well =)

So, let me tell you how I did it. (more…)

Hand Scrubs | What, Why & For Whom ?

Hello 🙂

Today I want to talk to you about a beauty ritual that is almost absent from the whole beauty scene (at least very few talk about it.)

If I start talking about hand scrub I feel like there are going to be two kinds of reaction : the skeptical ones who don’t see the point and the enthusiasts who are already convinced or wondering where they can go and buy it.

I feel like it’s a product that few of us own or use, about which we don’t really talk and that is quite rare on the market.

I do have one (what a gorgeous packaging by the way) that I got as a gift and I tried several at beauty counters (for instance in the aisles of manor.)

So, the difference with your average body scrub is that a hand scrub is more abrasive, the grains tend to be bigger and more efficient as the skin on our hands is not as delicate.

Mine has a really “greasy” texture with quite big grains that once rinsed leaves a nourishing film on the hands (like hand cream but more intense.)

I got it about two years ago and have used it 2-3 times since. On the one hand because I didn’t think about it but also because I didn’t really feel the need to use a product like that.

But ! Everything changed a few months ago when I started to go climbing more often and the magnesia (the white powder that athletes use to keep their hands moisture free – very drying) combined with the really aggressive surfaces of the climbing walls left my hands very damaged. #crocodileskin

I was therefore left with very dry hands and even flaky skin on my finger tips and I found that this candy scented scrub from Akyado was amazing at making my lizard hands look human again.

The scrubby bits help me get rid off flaky skin and the greasy base is brilliant for nourishing the skin at the same time. After the whole process I’m left once again with very soft hands which is very comfortable.

So I’d say that a hand scrub is by far not a must in your bathroom cabinet. For usual hand care a body scrub is enough. However, if you do something in your everyday life that leaves your hands in serious need of TLC then hand scrubs are the way to go.

What are your thoughts on hand scrubs ?


My Week in Lipsticks #2

Hello Everybody =)

Today I’m back for another week in lipsticks. You can fin the first one here, and for those of you who don’t know what it’s about, I’ve decided to switch lipstick more often to use them all and every now and again I’ll try and change everyday. When this happens I then walk you through my lipsticks of the week. So here’s what I wore this week :

Estée Lauder Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick – Candy

Monday : Estée Lauder Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick in Candy
This one was lost at the bottom of my drawer and I’m pretty sure I got it as a gift from my aunt. Sadly I know why it was lost at the bottom, the shade doesn’t really suit me. It looks beautiful in the bullet, swatched and even on the pictures but it has a slight frosty finish that really doesn’t suit me. The formula is quite creamy, very comfortable to wear and it smells like lipstick – that vintage scent that you could smell in your grandma’s cabinet, what I’d imagine a lipstick to smell like.
So it is a good lipstick overall, it just doesn’t suit me.

YSL Tint in oil – cherry my chérie

Tuesday : Yves Saint Laurent Tint in Oil in 5 Cherry my Chérie
I’ve been talking about this one in every other article (review here and praises in question 9 here) so I won’t bore you with it anymore. What you should know about it : gorgeous colour, delicious scent, great longevity, very comfortable to wear !

YSL Volupté Sheer Candy – Succulent pomegranate

Wednesday : Yves Saint Laurent Volupté Sheer Candy in 4 Succulent Pomegranate
Fun fact: 2 years ago, I started my first beauty blog (well I stopped after 6 articles) and my first ever review was about this lipstick. 2 and a half years later, I haven’t changed my mind. It has the same delicious scent as the tint in oil, it’s slightly moisturising, has a sheer touch of colour and a hint of shine. It feels like a balm but makes it look like you’ve made an effort.

L’oréal universal lip glow
Thursday : L’Oréal Universal Lip Glow
On Thursday I went climbing and had a BBQ in the forest so I wasn’t wearing an awful lot of makeup but I still wanted to wear lipstick for the sake of “my week in lipsticks” (serious blogger right there :P) so I went for lip glow about which you could say : You can’t see that I’m wearing it but if I weren’t you could tell. Meaning that it’s a lipstick that will make the best natural-looking version of yourself. It just gives the lips a little something-something.
Here, I compare it to the Dior Lip Glow and the Clarins Lip Balm Crayon.
Soap&Glory Sexy Motherpucker – Bashful
Friday : Soap&Glory Sexy Motherpucker Gloss Stick in Bashful
This is probably my favourite of the week. It is very creamy, smells like vanilla and caramel, it’s also beautiful shade, is extremely comfortable to wear and just glossy enough, perfect ! The one little thing is that it doesn’t really stay shut very well so it can become a bit of a nightmare to take it around in your bag. Apart from that, I have only praises for it.
Estée Lauder – YSL TIO – YSL VSC – L’oréal – Soap&Glory

Like last time, I didn’t wear the craziest colours this week but it just isn’t really my style.
However, I do put all the lipstick that I’ve talked about in one of my “week in lipsticks” post in a special pouch so we will end up reaching for the more unusual colours. Eventually.

What about you ? What have you been wearing this week ?