My First Event | Aerin Fragrances Launch

© press picture given by the brand
On Monday, I attended my first event as a blogger.
I was invited to the launch of the new Aerin fragrances, Estée Lauder’s grand-daughter, at Globus in Geneva.
What started off as a terrible succession of mistakes ended up being a very exciting late afternoon. Let’s start with the funny part (i.e with everything that went wrong) and then I’ll move onto the magical part.
I was a bit nervous so I had planned on doing everything to look my best – that way I could just smile and stand pretty in case I didn’t have anything smart to say – but it all started going wrong as soon as I grabbed my curling iron.
As I was trying to tame my mane, I burnt my forehead with my curling iron, a nice big burn above my right eyebrow, then I completely messed up my manicure and had to take it all off for lack of time. At this point it wasn’t too bad but it was already a bit upsetting.
Then, as I was walking/running to the train station I realised that I had forgotten my contacts (I don’t like my face with my glasses on) and when I was stepping into the train that I had forgotten my business cards as well (such professionalism).
As I was going from one train to another, I tried to put things into perspective : It’s not that bad, I don’t look that horrible with my glasses on, my fringe can hide the burn and I have 3 business cards in my purse, everything is going to be alright. Plus I had all the makeup I needed in my bag to improve my appearance on the train (anyone else likes to do their makeup on the train ?!)
But actually I didn’t. I had forgotten that as well. All I had was a Bourjois concealer, a By Terry eyeshadow stick and a Clinique chubby stick (does lips and cheeks) with which I sort of managed to create a somewhat decent emergency look. The one time my messy nature saved me (or the nasty habit of having random beauty products hanging at the bottom of my bag…)
When I arrived in Geneva I ran to buy a mascara (helloooo Maybelline sensational – this little number is fantastic) and I finally arrived where the event took place with very minimal makeup, messy hair (it was so windy), a bit sweaty because I was late and trembling with nervousness.
But that’s when it started being amazing ! I was welcomed with a glass of champagne and fancy, delicious amuse-bouche, the presentation of the fragrances was very interesting and when we were well acquainted with all 5 scents we started decorating cupcakes that the Royaume Melazic had provided with everything needed to let our creativity flow with flavours and colours that matched the fragrances. It was magical !
It felt like a dream, I really had an incredible time !
I want to thank the PR manager at Estée Lauder for inviting me, all the people present for their warm welcome of a slightly disheveled and nervous young blogger as well as the Royaume Melazic for their amazing job with the delicious cupcakes.
The fragrances are amazing too, but I want to dedicate a whole post to them that’ll be published this weekend as this one is already quite long.
I’ll leave you with a few pictures of the event :