TMI | Deodorant & Aluminum

… and the same goes for perspiration 😛

There are subjects that are less glamorous and that we don’t tackle as often. Deodorant is one of them. Today I’m addressing it !

There have been theories for a few years now that say that aluminum in deodorants can cause breast cancer.

Some went as far as saying that you could see that right-handed people more often had breast cancer on the left side and vice versa (as you spray more product when you use your good hand) and that shaving created little “doors” for aluminum salts to enter into our body.

The thing with these theories is that they haven’t been proven (not that I know of anyway) but it was enough to scare people (it scared me – particularly the “door” thing) and brands started to launch aluminum-free deodorant.

Following Pascal’s Wager I decided to start using aluminum-free deodorant as I thought that it was quite easy to stick too (it does include a lot of tiny ingredient list reading but aluminum is easily spotted.)

The inconvenient with aluminum-free deodorant is that they can be less efficient and more expensive.

I know I can talk about efficiency as I’m not one of those perfect (and therefore annoying ;)) girls who don’t sweat or don’t smell if they do.

I’m constantly in a hurry or stressed out, I get hot very easily and when I sweat people around me can tell (or rather smell …) I also often carry a deodorant in my bag for long days, just in case.

That is to say that I’ve tried my fair share of aluminum-free deodorant and that this one from Bourjois is really good (I only put it in my bag on days when I go to the gym) ! Also it didn’t stop working even though I’m on my second can (you know how after a while your body gets used to it and it stops being efficient… well it didn’t.)

I’m not trying to convince anyone that I’m right and that aluminum is bad but if you believe that it is and want to avoid it then I’d strongly recommend this particular deodorant as is it very efficient and doesn’t cost an arm(pit) and a leg.

Other brands such as Ushuaïa, Le Petit Marseillais and Fa also have good aluminum-free deodorants that just weren’t as good in my opinion but that you might like if you don’t really have a problem with sweating. Also be aware that some brands will have an aluminum-free aerosol deodorant but a roll-on version full of aluminum (I’m looking at you Fa) so read the labels carefully.

What do you think about this whole aluminum theory ?