Swiss Cosmetics for the Win ! | A Great Leave-in Treatment by A.N.J.I

About a month ago, I was lucky enough to be sent a gorgeous blue box with a great hair treatment inside.
Swiss cosmetics are quite rare and we don’t hear a lot about them. That’s why when I was given the opportunity to try some out and to give you guys my opinion about them I said yes.
A.N.J.I (Audacieuse, Naturelle, Joviale, Intelligente) (meaning : Daring, Natural, Cheerful, Intelligent) is a swiss, natural and vegan brand. Their products are free of silicon, parabens, mineral oils and cruelty free (amongst other great things so here’s a link to their website (sadly in french so if you have any question just ask))
As I said, I was sent a hair treatment. It’s their Revival Leave-in Treatment and it is a daily treatment that claims to nourish, hydrate, revitalise and regenerate the hair.
The principal active ingredients are hyaluronic acid (hydrating), keratin, rose and lavender hydrosol, argan and jojoba oil and lavender essential oil.
The product comes with an easy-to-use pump and has a standard creamy consistency.

I’ve tried using it a few different ways, as a treatment on towel dry hair, as a treatment on dry hair and as a mask before the shampoo.

When using it as a mask before the shampoo (I apply it the night before on dry hair) I found that it left my hair smoother but that it wasn’t the way to use it most efficiently.

I usually use it as a treatment on towel dry hair after my regular shampoo and conditioner. What I noticed straight away is that it is a great detangler and once my hair is dry my ends feel a lot softer and look a lot smoother (almost no fly aways) than they usually do.

When used after the shampoo but on dry hair (you have to be careful not to use too much as it can be heavy) I found that it gave more volume and texture to my lengths. It has a similar effect to salt-spray to give a destructured look but has the advantage to be a treatment at the same time. I love it !

I also like to use it once I curled my hair to make the curls less structured and give them a “I just spent the day at the beach” look.

I also gave it to my mum (who has shorter and finer hair than I do) to try and she found that it gave her hair a lot more volume and texture (her ends are perfect and she doesn’t have any split ends so she didn’t say anything about that.)

Do I have anything bad to say about this product ?! Not really … expect maybe for the scent which is exactly what I expected from a natural product, it smells like plants. I don’t really like it but it isn’t too strong so I don’t really mind. Also my mum loves the smell so it’s just my opinion.

If you’re looking for a natural (swiss) product that will make your dry and damaged ends smoother and shinier and that will allow you to give your lengths more volume, texture and body while taking care of them then this is for you. As I hadn’t heard anything about it I didn’t have any expectations and I was really impressed ! Good job !

At CHF 54.90 it is a little more expensive than the hair care that I usually buy (though it still is less expensive than my trustee moroccanoil (post here)) but there is a generous amount in the bottle (100ml) and the results are impressive so, in my opinion, it is totally worth it !

You can order it from the website (here) and if you hurry up there is free delivery until the 20th of march (to Switzerland only though.)

Have you heard of the brand A.N.J.I ? Have I tempted you ?