Mascara Cycle Round-Up #2

So I’m back for another round of multiple mascara review. Today I’m gonna talk to you about the four mascaras that I’ve been using during the past 2-4 months. I gave them all a long try-out, two of them are empty and the other two have started the second half of their life.

If you’re interested in Benefit, Maybelline, Rimmel or Avon, then you can check out my last round-up here.

This selection is in my opinion a lot better than the last one, I would repurchase all of them, except maybe for budget reasons. They all have hair brushes except for the last one that has a plastic wand.

Before we start, there’s one more thing you should know, which is that I’m looking for mascaras that will give me seriously bold lashes and that I’m not interested in natural looking mascaras.

So let’s get to it !

Lancôme Hypnôse Doll Eyes

I knew I’d like this one because I’ve had it before. It gives good length and volume, it isn’t too hard to achieve a bold look and it doesn’t flake or disappear throughout the day. For me this is an ideal, very easy and effortless everyday mascara. I know I’ll never be disappointed when using that one so it kinda is my safe option.
I must say though that it isn’t the best one to take to the gym as it smudges a little during intense workouts (not that that happens very often :P). It also may start to clump a little when it starts to be a bit older but nothing too serious.

Would I repurchase it ?
I never bought it myself (always got it as a gift) and I don’t think that I would spend that much on a mascara. It is really good but some drugstore alternatives are just as good.

Revlon Lash Potion by GrowLuscious (Waterproof version)

I first tried the non-waterproof version despite everybody saying that it really smudged because I figured I’d get away with it as mascaras never smudge on me and because I don’t really wear waterproof mascara. Well that one did smudge and pretty badly too. But I loved the result so much that I bought the waterproof version.
The waterproof version gives great lashes, maybe more volume than length but what I like most about it is the waterproof formula that stays all day (obviously) but isn’t too hard to remove at night. What I like about it is that when you’re in extreme conditions (several hours swimming at the pool after a day out skiing for instance) it still last pretty well and you’ll never end up with panda eyes because if it does disappear a little bit, it sort of vanishes without a trace which I quite like (and I definitely don’t mind reapplying my makeup after the pool especially since everything else is already long gone).
Also I’m happy to report that it is definitely tear-proof !
The only thing that could bother some of us is that the brush is gigantic !

Would I repurchase it ?
Yes ! I really like that kind of waterproof formula so when in need of a waterproof mascara I’ll reach for that one as it also gives great looking lashes. But never the original formula as it is a terrible smudger !

Clinique High Impact Mascara

It’s one of those mascara like the YSL Shocking that I really hated at first. I found the formula to be way too runny and that paired with the big brush it made the application very messy. So I left it to dry for months and now I love it !
It gives volume and length but has a very fluttery finish. It makes the lashes look like a whole (unlike spidery legs) without it being too heavy. To me this is the perfect look. Sadly mine has now dried too much to be used anymore but during that period when it is just dry enough I’ll go as far as saying that it is perfect !
Again, this isn’t a mascara for girls who don’t like big brushes. It’s not quite as big as the revlon one but it’s definitely not small.

Would I repurchase it ?
Well I’m going to try to find a cheaper alternative first but if I don’t I might just have to as the fluttery effect it gives is just perfect !

Covergirl Clump Crusher by LashBlast / Max Factor Clump Defy

These two products are one and the same. And both fairly recently came out with a new “extension” version which I haven’t tried but I’ve heard that it isn’t as good.
This one is my favourite of the bunch. The effect isn’t quite as fluttery as with the Clinique one but the good thing is that it is good right from the start. It really elongates the lashes but gives volume at the same time. And most importantly, you can try to create clumps on purpose if you want but you won’t succeed.
It has a plastic wand but it isn’t too harsh and it doesn’t hurt like the one on the benefit they’re real can.
I can’t really find any fault with it to be honest.

Would I repurchase it ?
Definitely ! Not straight away as I’m still curious and always want to try new things but this mascara definitely is one of the best that I’ve tried.

I still really really want to try the Too Faced better than sex mascara and the new Maybelline one in the pink packaging but I’m open to suggestions…

Have you tried any of these ? What should I try next ?