A Blusher for Pale and/or Blemish-Prone Skin

I’ve been lusting over the hourglass blushers for quite some time now but I can’t quite justify spending that much for a blusher (especially as I already own so many) so when I saw this little number from Max Factor I was thrilled. They’re the creme puff blush and they look very much like the Hourglass blushers (though I can’t say anything about the formula as I haven’t tried them). They’re not cream blushers despite what the name would suggest but very finely milled powders.

The colour range is quite extensive with 6 shades (all gorgeous) some with a bit of shimmer running through and some seriously pigmented.

I picked the shade lovely pink but I must say that it was really hard to pick just one. 

It is a fairly light shade that isn’t extremely pigmented. That’s why I think that it is so good for pale skins and/or beginners. You don’t risk over applying it and it definitely is buildable.

The other good thing about this shade is that it isn’t very red so it doesn’t make blemishes stand out. I know that when I have a lot of blemishes I don’t feel like wearing blusher because I feel like it makes them stand out but this shade makes me look great (well … ahem) even when I have blemishes (which has been all the time lately.)

It isn’t the longest lasting blusher I own but it lasts a decent amount of time and the colour is so pretty that I really don’t mind.

I’d love to try a more pigmented shade (gorgeous berries for example looked really intense when I swatched it) but they currently aren’t available in Switzlerand. I hope they come soon unlike the miracle touch creamy blusher which still haven’t made it all the way to the swiss counters (and what a shame ! they’re really great, especially soft pink).

Have you tried these ? What are your thoughts ?


  • What a pretty pink!!


  • Aah I've seen the announcement of this blush and I really want to try it. The shades look gorgeous and it seems like they're pretty good. Let's hope they're available soon 🙂

  • Definitely ! Let's keep each other updated if we hear/see anything 😉 i need more shades 😛

  • It is =D