Why I Love My Bad Eyesight When I Apply My Bronzer

that’s about how I see without my glasses 😉

I found out something last night as I was struggling to apply my contour …

I didn’t have my contacts on and I took off my glasses to apply my bronzer and that’s when I realised how much easier it was to apply it without seeing properly.

I know it seems weird, but let me explain.

When you can see too precisely it’s quite hard to know where the shadow ends and begins and therefore where to stop with the bronzer whereas when the contours of the shadow (see what I did there ?) are blurry you can see exactly where the shadow falls and where it stops (paradoxically); thus making it easier to know where to apply your contour and how far to blend it.

If you’re lucky enough not to need glasses you can take a few steps back and if it still doesn’t work then that’s the one time where glasses wearer can have the advantage.

It also works very well for applying highlighter and to see the areas where you need to cover any redness.

Once you’re done applying your bronzer/highlighter/concealer and you’re happy with how it looks from afar, I suggest you take a closer look just to be sure that it also looks nice for people who can actually see you 😉

You might be sceptical but just try to take a step back next time you apply your makeup and you’ll see that it makes some of the steps easier.

Hope this helps 😉