My Little Box | A 3 Months Review

My Little Box is the cutest of the subscription boxes and I’ve been wanting it ever since I discovered it existed.
When it was launched in the UK this september I asked my friend in London whether I could have them sent to her house and pick them up during my next visit. (because obviously, it isn’t available in Switzerland)

I did just that and collected all 3 boxes when I was in London 2 weeks ago.

My Little Parisienne Box, My Little Box by Diane von Fürstenberg and My Little Cosy Box.

So what do I think of the whole concept ?

I really really like it ! It is very impressive from start to finish. I like that the beauty items come in a super cute pouch and that it’s a mix of their own brand and other things. I like that it’s not just about beauty and that it always includes a lifestyle item (or several) (scarf, mug, laptop sleeve, bouillotte, notebook, …). I like how beautiful it all looks and the attention to details (everything from the ribbon to the little notes are made by my little box) that makes it all work together very well.
I’m really happy with my 3 boxes and I would recommend it to anyone.
I think that the company is really putting a lot of effort into their boxes and it really shows. The quality of what you get for what you pay is amazing !

The only thing I’d say is important is to not subscribe for too long a time. I think that if you’re constantly getting it, it’ll lose some of its interest.
I believe that you could really get bored of it and then start being disappointed.
These subscription boxes should be seen as a treat in order to keep the excitement intact.

Do you know My Little Box ? What do you think of it ?