A London Jewellery Haul

This is the final haul post following my trip to London. I wasn’t in the mood to try on clothes when I was there but I definitely wanted to pick up a few jewellery pieces (as I mentioned in this post).

I found that & Other Stories had some brilliant pieces and it was very hard to pick just a few. I ended up leaving with the two bracelets and I went back the next day to buy the ring.
I like their jewellery because it looks and feels a bit nicer (it’s also more original) than what you usually find but the price is still very reasonable. 

The earrings I bought in Accessorize which is a common place to buy jewellery and they often have nice things. The good thing is that they really have something for everybody.

So that’s it for the newest additions to my jewellery box.

Where do you usually buy your accessories ?


  • what flawless pieces! They are gorgeous!

  • Aw thanks =)

  • The earrings are my favorite! They're beautiful! xo


  • Hi! I love the jewelry! I'm now following your blog. Maybe you can check my blog out also? Beautyandpaindiaries.blogspot.com

  • That bracelet would look incredible as an upper arm band – gorgeous!


  • I also love Accessorize! In my country (Israel) there's also a store thats really similar to it called Top Ten and they're cheaper, which is cool. xx


  • Thanks =) will do

  • I'll be sure to check it out if i'm ever in Israel =)

  • That's a nice idea … sadly this one is too small (or my arm too big :P)

  • Ooh I love the double-strand bangle! So so pretty 🙂

    My favourite shop for jewellery is Accessorize. My skin is very pink-toned so I tend to wear a lot of silver, and they are for sure the best place for great standard silver jewellery! xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle Blog