A Christmassy Lush Haul

Hello everyone !

I’m back from London with a new series of hauls for you all. The first one is about what I bought in lush. I was rather reasonable as I’ve been lucky enough to get quite a few bath bombs for my birthday. But I did pick up my 3 favourite ones.

It’s supposed to be the same bath bomb as Butterball except with a little more cocoa butter. The scent is quite subtle and it doesn’t have any glitter or fancy colour going on but it is amazing at hydrating the skin and making it incredibly soft. It’s my favourite for winter time !

A delicious cinnamon scent and popping candy that makes it sound like you’re sitting by a crackling fire. Heavenly !

Shoot for the Stars
This one is truly magical ! It transforms your bath into a deep starry night (deep purply-blue with golden and silver glitter) and a very pleasant smell (though I absolutely couldn’t describe it) It looks fantastic !

What are your favourite bath bombs ?