The Tale of How I Almost Lost The Whole Length of My Hair

just to give you a rough idea of the length of it …
The weirdest thing happened to me last weekend and I thought I’d share it with you because I didn’t expect it to end that well at all. It was kind of a dramatic experience at the time but now it really makes me laugh.
I went climbing with a friend last saturday and long story short my hair (that I had in a ponytail) got caught (entirely) in the rope and I basically had my friend hanging (to my hair kinda) 5m above the ground and the rope, that was stuck into my hair couldn’t move one way or another.
Some really nice guys helped me glide the rope through my hair so that my friend could at least reach the ground but that was only part the problem solved.
My hair was still completely tangled with the rope so much so that it wouldn’t budge with about 20 meters hanging on each side. (It must have been a very funny scene, sadly I don’t think anyone took a picture.)
It took us a long time wondering whether we should cut my hair (or the rope) or try to detangle the whole thing (which seemed about impossible).
But in some kind of frantic act of despair I kept trying to get this rope out of my hair and actually managed to run it through my hair until the end of the 20 meters.
I was then left with a big ball of hair that 30 minutes later I had managed to detangle entirely. But it looked seriously damaged and I thought that I’d have to cut it short. 
If you’re wondering how to turn straight hair into extremely frizzy hair, that’s how ! And it was seriously voluminous too ! 😛
When I got home I drowned my hair in morocanoil (which seemed to do absolutely nothing) and just before going to bed I applied the Charles Worthington Intense Rescue Melting Balm. The following morning I washed it using my Garnier Ultimate Blends The Sleek Restorer (how appropriate ?) and it already looked and felt much better (I actually couldn’t believe it though it was what I’d been hoping for all night).
Now, a week later, my hair is pretty much back to normal though we can definitely see the damage where the rope cut or seriously damaged the surface of the hair. However I can now look back and laugh thinking about it. And the story definitely makes my friends smile and laugh.
Moral : It’s not because a situation looks desperate that it necessarily is. Keep on believing and trying and you might be surprised !

Moral n°2 : Always try and find the funny part even if at first all you want to do is complain and cry. It really helps get over it.

Moral n°3 : Tie your hair up in a bun if you go climbing !
Do you have any hair stories ? Or is it just me ?

*I’ll be posting a more in-depth review of these products very soon
  • Glad your hair was okay in the end! I once had a similar experience although it was not that serious, my hair got tangled into my roller brush and I couldn't get it out at all. Only after 3-4 hours did it break free.

    Colorful Closets

  • OMG Macha! What a story! You got me biting my nails until I read the last part of your post. I am so glad your hair is fine and that you and your friend are doing fine. It seems that you managed the situation like a pro. And yes, never loosing faith and always finding the positive side of things is the way to go. Thanks for visiting my blog, I really appreciate it:-) XOXO, Jeannette

  • Thanks for visiting my blog! Yours is amazing! I'm also following you on Bloglovin' so I don't miss anything 🙂

  • It can be such a nightmare. When I was 14 I actually had to cut it because it got tangled in a roller brush 😛

  • Ahahah I'm glad my story was so thrilling 😉

  • Oh that's so nice thanks =)
    I'll be sure to come by every now and again =)

  • Ouch, I feel your pain! I'm glad you didn't have to change your hair too drastically and everything ended well 🙂 xx


  • Me too. Sooo glad !

  • Oh wow, that's definitely a one of a kind story! I still can't believe how lucky you are… glad your hair is mostly back to normal! My hair story would be that I have been washing t with water only for about a month. I will write a post about that eventually! x

  • Your hair is stunning – glad you didn't have to chop it all off! 🙂

  • Thank you =)

  • I can't wait to write your post then ! I'm always impressed by people who manage to do that !

  • Haha, must have been terrifying!!