Kneipp Bath Sets

It’s sunday ! What better day to talk about bath ?!

Christmas means that gift sets are coming out. Gift sets make for nice gifts but they’re also great as discovery sets.

I picked up two of these a couple of weeks ago. One is a set of 10 different bath oils and the other one is a set of 4 different bath crystals both from Kneipp.

Bath Oil Collection (here)
I know the Kneipp bath oils pretty well as my parents have been using them for years and I’ve been stealing them for just about as long but this set of oils is brilliant because it allows you to test 10 different oils (some of which I never even saw in the full size version) and decide which one you like best.
They’re really good at making your bath (and the whole bathroom) smell amazing and they feel really nice on the skin.
The only thing that I’m not a huge fan of is when they turn the bath water yellow. It’s just not that … glamourous. But I can get over it.
The set costs 15.90 CHF at La Migros and 15.80 CHF online (about 10£ or 12€) which – considering you get 20 baths worth of oil (1 bottle = 2 baths) – is a pretty good deal (-.80/ bath)

The Serenity Set Bath Crystals (here)
The bath crystals I had never tried before and I like them too. They dissolve completely (no gritty bits at the bottom of the bath), smell just as good and make the water just as comfortable but they’re not as good value for money.
The set costs 6.50 CHF online and in stores (4£ or 5€) but it’ll only be enough for 4 baths (1.62/bath) thus making it twice as expensive. It’s still very reasonable compared to lush bath bombs but it is more expensive than the bath oils and I don’t really see any difference.

All in all I’m really happy with these two sets. I can’t wait to take more baths to try them all.
But if you were to chose only one of the two sets I’d really recommend the bath oils one as it is a much better value for money.
I’m not sure how widely available Kneipp is but I know that a lot of other brands also do bath sets around christmas that are just as good value for money and great ways to discover new things.

What set did you pick up ? Do you have Kneipp where you live ?


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